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  • Jlh7001 Add me please, about 20 spots left. Lvl 37 daily player with plenty of objects to click. Thanx Jlh7001
  • The game could always use more religious content from all denominations; can't leave anybody out. They can even make the Jewish items two for the price of one.
  • This past week has been very generous: 9- for tapping ghosts/haunted buildings 5- ballon pop 3 - level up 10- trivia question 30 - weekly mystery box - can't believe that one; especially since I've gotten 9 parking lots in row. Should hit 10000 goo by late Tuesday - with the burns confession, bonus goo levels, and another…
  • Very cool animations; especially the unique ones like: Power plant - Frank Grimes Moe's - puking in the jar ghost Prison - electric chair Library - decapitation Krusty Burger - the ghost of a horse
  • Arnie Pye has been GROUNDED until Nov 8th and will be assigned anchor and dog walking duties.
  • The barfing ghost at Moes look like Hugh Jass
  • Disco Stu, the wait will be finally over. Although, do not know how many people will purchase as "Disco Stu doesn't advertise"
  • Releasing an iTunes update with no new content ? Oh, you've better believe that's a paddlin.
  • It's relative to each individuals situation in life. If I only told you that I spent $200 in one month on this game, you would think I'm some Richy Rich, or that I need to check into a mental institution. But, the whole story is that the $200 was money I saved in ONE month from quitting smoking. When I decided to quit, one…
  • The winner of today's contest is: THE OTHER SPRINGFIELD!!!! - - - - - - - - - Just kidding! Honestly thanks to all who participated. All Springfields displayed a lot of thought, creativity, and work. I have been looking over all your towns as I accepted your request, took notes, went back and forth many times, killed some…
  • I keep getting errors when accepting the following friend requests: 19 Lakers bronnyls-2 Crosby357 Imgonnalive4eva JWBL lucianojr711 Menace1211 Thecure668 TMNTfan01 I have no clue why I'm getting errors trying accept these requests. When I get an error for a request, I write the name down to ensure a place holder. I am…
  • :lol: I have thick skin! Just remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also: 1. I am getting errors when trying to approve some users friend requests. I will post all the names of those that received the errors soon. Do not know the source of these errors. As of 11:30 AM, I approved (Or tried to approve) all…
  • See new thread in general forum about today's contest.
  • Yes that's the one, thank you! I can hear Mr Burns saying "It will be called 'Whacking Day', excellent". [code]
  • At least the XP seems to have been fixed. Considering losing snakes is still happening and the splash/icon problems, it appears the last update was a half a$$ fix for a seriously failed event update. Anyone have and can post a picture of the room full of smoking monkeys at typewriters that was on a Simpsons episode.…
  • Yes, it is so unfair that some of us busted our a$$es to be successful in life and can spend some disposable income on a game. Here's a tip. You make money in the real world by working real hard, not collecting money by tapping on a game character.
  • Jlh7001 lev 15 with Duff Brew, projects with 15 decorated brown houses, santas village, and five other house decorated
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