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  • It's been logging me out all evening! Everytime I've gone to play I've had to enter email and password.... I've also had that message come up a couple of times and I've just pressed continue or retry and it's taken me into the game where I've left o…
  • Does it have a bonus percentage?
  • I know, you're right but it was nice to feel like we achieved something together, instead of us being out for ourselves! Saying that, I'm sure the counter clock ticked up on its own accord, I'm sure the forum discussed it many a times and EA is alwa…
  • Noooooo! Ok, the little bleeders were hard to find, but I didn't have a 100 friends and I completed the event just fine..... Actually, I think I spent 25D to get sleazy hotel/Ms Springfield because the event was about to end and i was a lil short...…
  • I think it would be a good idea, I imagine the majority of players now didn't experience it and it would be new and exciting for them, and us older players wouldn't mind the novelty.... I wish they did another whacking day too, for the people that m…
  • Didn't we wait a whole day, 24hr before we got the last big update?
  • Thanks @Nixlinx that's a shame it isn't as big, kinda disappointed, would be good if we could place it on the mountain range, looks like it would fit in.... I'll still buy it!
  • Can you post a picture @liamchandler I was hoping it was going to be as big as Springfield Sign Mountain....
  • One for @LPNintendoITA after hard days work of finding stuff out for us! ;)
  • It's highly annoying for me! I just want to send the required amount need for said task, and then set the others characters (via job centre) on which ever length of jobs i wish. I don't want to have to wait 8 hours until I can play my game again.
  • The pride events are my favourite, they can have all of my pink £'s! Floats are a good idea and they don't have to be crude, we could have a little parade! Maybe we can get a skin for Bart in his Hawaiin shirt prancing around annoying homer!
  • I always prefer buying characters, the multiplier will grow, but you don't know when characters will return! Unless, it's really good deal for the multiplier.... and I don't personally like to many repeat items, especially with no where to put or hi…
  • Once you've earnt it, it goes into your storage.... Scroll across the main page and you'll find it! ☺️
  • Sometimes they take things out of the store for up coming sales or deals.... So fingers crossed you get a bargain! Hold on to those donuts! Sorry, I've misunderstood... I think you've bought him and can't find him :( best bet is to contact EA
  • I think some people were hell bent on making a continuous loop around their SF.... I just kept mine simple, from the sea to the opposite side of SF and using the three original stations. Then I built around it, so everything fits in nicely :)
  • Returning our 50 donuts is a nice gesture but wouldn't it of just been as easy to reward us the Witch Marge skin?? I got the download but no message of said 50 donuts..... I'm sure they'll do another patch
  • 1. Pride 2. Pin Pals 3. County Fair 4. Destination Springfield 5. Homerpalooza 6. Time Travelling Toaster 7. Secret Agents 8. Rommelwood 9. THOH We're quite lucky with the amount of updates we get with the game!
  • The first one for me, TP trees and Egging houses, kids trick and treating, squishing zombies and the noises that they made! Ghosts is a close second, getting the vacuum to suck them up! The first few years events were really the best ones IMO...
  • I'm sure you've been mentioned before @LPNintendoITA? They've definitely mentioned forum members before, remember when they mentioned, was it Josh Sherear, or something along those lines.... Complained about everything, and I mean everything! He eit…
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