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  • There is a world outside of this game. Don’t sweat the little things that don’t matter.
  • If you’re going to ask for something ask for cars on the roads, boats in the lakes/rivers, night mode, visual tasks that involve water (swimming, rafting, etc), re-release the airport runway pieces to allow a proper build, more land, increase the it…
  • Hopefully we’ll get a sequel.
    in Osaka Flu Reply by joe444 April 11
  • Land has never been a problem for me. Fortunately for me I’ve always learned to color (design) between the lines (available space).
  • While I understand that to some, this forum (& game), means a whole lot to them, we should all remind ourselves that it’s only a silly game and simply not worth investing emotions into. Games are meant to be fun, the moment you kill the fun fact…
  • (Quote)
    The buildings I can use but everything else will go into storage.
  • Thank you for keeping this thread updated. One of the best resources available IMO.
  • (Quote)
    Tested and works!!! I never knew about this trick. Thank you!! It’ll make designing so much easier for me.
  • Rarely does it revert back to same spot for me (iOS). Subs or main. It always did back in the day but not now. Appreciate the replies.
  • Perhaps one day they will bring back the feature whereby after you select an item from the inventory, once returning, it takes you back to that same location. Eliminating the need to start from the beginning every single time would make a big differ…
  • Those under NDA have the details already. Speculation: The next event starts Wednesday next week and is not Easter related.
  • I can sense serious frustration..... May I suggest unplugging and remembering it’s only a simple game meant to play when bored etc. It means nothing in life so therefore just relax. Do the things that bring you happiness that actually matter. Forwar…
  • May I suggest you organize a zoom call so that you can stay connected outside of this forum.
  • While technically this has nothing to do with the actual game, I believe it is clear just by OP making a topic here re: Davo’s passing, that clearly this forum & game meant (means) a lot to them. We all must remember that sometimes depressed peo…

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