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  • I got 12 donuts....as I guess I had all the mystery box content? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • You are in a good place then if you are not affected by these problems. I’ve been unable to locate new content for well over a year due to the item limit and I have tons of spare space as I have all the land. It would be great to get to design it all out like the rest of my Springfield.
  • I still play daily but the item limit has strangled my enthusiasm. Having spent nearly 8 years playing the game and countless hours designing my Springfield, I refuse to nuke it and treat the item limit as some sort of new “design challenge” - I didn’t spend all that time for nothing! I do the events, get the new content,…
  • I still try and play twice a day to collect money/donuts or event currency. I find that’s all I need to play to do these 4 part events without any stress. I used to spend a lot more time designing but the item limit has put an end to that (I like my town and have put tons of hours into it so not going to nuke it!), but…
  • Wish I could swap some of my land for increased item count. I’ve not been able to design out any of the new content since before the game of games event in June 2019.... I’ve got all the land and a huge area of it is empty so it’s totally pointless having it. I don’t want to give up on this game as I’ve been playing for 7…
  • Winter box?!? I don’t have this.... is this like the Black Friday token box I didn’t get either?
  • It’s an absolute joke! I’ve not been able to design out any of the content I’ve collected/purchased in about 3 months. I have all but 2 land squares left to get thanks to GGR, but probably about 40% of that space is largely empty as I can’t buy or use storage items to design it out. For Halloween and this Thanksgiving…
  • They haven’t increased the item count.......****!?!
  • That’s a great list for newer players - some of those items took ages to get back in the day like Barney and the Bowlerama. I’ve got them all mind you - my box only had Coach Pommelhorst in it. Really wish EA would do something for us long termers (939 club, hundreds of millions IGC, thousands of donuts) like a…
  • I’m really stoked we got another mini event so close after the last one - looks like EA are getting back into the swing of things and anything Flanders related is cool! I have a question about the Yearbook Yard sale though - anyone know if more content will be added to it? Only thing I had in the box was the new character…
  • I still do daily tasks and split my standard tasks to a 12 hour and an 8hr.... I realise I technically lose 4 hours but it means I tap at least twice a day that way.. I also don’t do Where’s Maggie? and my son was tapping with me yesterday and I realised I hadn’t done Springfield Downs dog racing in ages.... or the go kart…
  • Yeah they have taken the challenge out of the game with this current format. It’s ok for an in between mini event style but it doesn’t work as a major event. Everyone has moaned about it since Xmas 2018. Initially some liked it as it was a rest from all the crafting of the previous run of events which got a bit much but…
  • Have to say I’m glad to see some people enjoying it -makes me wish I was more of a newbie! It is good to get something sort of new, but in terms of premium or store items for the first week there was only 1 I didn’t have already and available to me. Doesn’t look like their will be much else with the next acts either, so…
  • I’d pretty much take anything at this point.... even Easter with the wheel and the boxes
  • Would be good if they did the Yearbook 2.0 while we are waiting - I’ve still got a bunch of characters, NPC’s and skins to collect that I’ve missed over the years and a ton of donuts to spend on them.
  • To be fair there’s been hardly any new game updates/activity in over 2 months -quite frankly people are probably just running out of game related things to discuss. I understand EA has had a few changes but we’ve had a tweet and a Facebook post over the last few weeks to suggest that normal service will resume soon... if…
  • I’m hoping there is some serious new content - there has been a lot of time to develop new content and work up decent story lines. I guess players lower than level 939 have had plenty of stuff to be working through the last couple of months but, I’m sure like those of you like myself who have been long time 939’ers, I have…
  • Good Thread! 👏🏻
  • Long timer - started playing August 2012 and tapped every day since. During that time I’ve had 2 kids and moved countries but Tapped Out has stayed with me - can’t pick up my iPad without sone tapping. I’m level 939, cleared the Yearbook and still have a few thousand donuts to spare; however I still need to get all the…
  • Can’t help but feel people are jumping the gun a bit here with all the doom-mongering
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