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  • Hey now who's to say Cletus wouldn't make her his wife :shock:
  • I can't anything involving downloads that aren't automatic completely stops me and tries to charge my card for the scratchers. My update list is about 10 items deep now and I can't do a trying with any of them.
  • Oh believe me sherry I wholeheartedly agree with you and the only reason I will pay it is bc its a dollar but they have been entirely unhelpful all I can get for an answer is try another credit card or change your address info. My info is current and I'm not putting on another credit card so it can be overcharged also my…
  • Like I said in another post if it was akin to say how playstation plus works then yes maybe. You get discounts early access the extensions and maybe a way to earn a few donuts then yea I would EA would make good money off that way I have no doubt in my mind
  • Yea I get what you are saying but that's what's happening iTunes won't let me update anything because I owe them the extra money they say I purchased. It happened on the 12th and since the 15th I haven't been able to update so I still have the wd on my phone so I can't get in. It was eas glitch easily but without paying…
  • Yea he careful that just happened to me with scratchers so I still can't update from whacking day. :cry: I bought a few scratchers and no problems quit game and came back about an hr later then got all of them again and all of a sudden the next day I couldn't update or download anything I contacted iTunes and all they keep…
  • ......... Does this person have a life? I'm not trying to be mean here but wow I read the whole other post and yea that was meant how it was said I'm pretty sure and they keep replying to this post like they actually went to a party. Wait wait who's got that don't feed the trolls pic somebody post it.............. On a…
  • Sorry I just had to post on this one. I actually work at chilis and all said there's probably about 5 or 6 of us who play thought it seemed appropoiate
  • I'd settle for a mystery box or Buddha with any amount of donuts only ever gotten the bonus lvl donuts so not many :cry:
  • Post! Here's hoping to get lvl 2
  • See it's all about gambling I guess depends on how lucky you feel good in small amounts you get at least your worth but higher amounts I'd just buy them outright
  • Is it every video and how far along in the game are you?
  • Yep it's a slow game not meant to rush through it takes a little bit to feel like you are making headway but you will eventually just steady on and welcome to the game
  • Wow I'm sorry is there not a contact us option stories I've heard haven't been all that helpful but given u have a real issue not that the others aren't but I'd take being locked out over somebody else having my town maybe just maybe they will help. Sorry I can't be of more help
  • Not to make anybody mad and mind you I'm more upset that it was extended than ended. As I keep reading people are mad that they spent donuts they didn't have to.......... That's the answer right there that they didn't have to spend them if they didn't offer the option to buy them with donuts like the other events would…
  • It does I had to get it sent to me. Hopefully you can sort it out best of luck
  • My odds should be slightly better given that theory I still only got the 1 jackpot and one set of cleavers still better than some I suppose. I just need to find a deal on a card and do the boatload.
  • Yea I suppose that's true what's your theory better odds the less you spend? And always keep the best stories to yourself friend makes for good stories down the road 8)
  • It was supposed to be over on the 9th but on the 10th they released a update that extended it until the 16th a lot of people were mad bc they spent donuts to buy the items they apparently had an extra week to get
  • Really neo that's it honestly the stories I've heard I would have figured they just automatically give you the jackpot the way I've heard you play this game lol. :lol: basically if you want a few and only have a few dollars to get some go for it if you spend two dollars either way you get at least twelve unless I'm wrong…
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