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  • Please add me, daily player, level 39, a lot of premium Jointfx Thanks
  • It's not a coincidence, there is a small chance that "clean up Springfield" pays out a donut. The percentage chance I think is buried in the game guide but I think it's roughly between 1-5%. I want to say I got about 5 donuts randomly from cleaning up all the garbage after purchasing all the land
  • Those satirical mediums you mentioned are entertaining just like these threads, please just let it be. He probably created alternate pseudonyms in these threads to foster the ridiculousness of what these posts degrade to. But I love it either way, one reason I look forward to updates just for these threads alone
  • Funny, those are the same exact points that Josh made in his complaint thread. I don't completely disagree with you either, especially since we just completed an event that required us to visit neighbors relentlessly and tediously
  • Congratulations! Seriously though, and I am not tryng to be rude but with the amount of time you devote to this forum and obviously the game I was wondering if you had a job. But I thank EA for these "terrible" updates and your subsequent and immediate complaint threads. They are really taking on a life of their own and…
  • This is too bad, I really have been waiting to share my pic of the Texan riding reverse Cowgirl on Duffman outside of Moe's.
  • Speaking of viral Did anyone play that flappy birds app before the developer shut it down? Our IT dept. is saying the demand is so crazy, people are downloading cloned copies but are probably tainted with viruses? I don 't know what the hype is about?
  • Please add me: jointfx Playing for over a year, not a house farmer, most of the premium items. I love tinkering with my town and always looking for creative players to inspire different design ideas
  • I put it in front of the Buddhist temple too, although it is two different religions, but what other choice do u have? It sort of fits regardless Does anyone know if the multiplier associated with the ice god is still good even though it's melted?
  • It's been detailed multiple times in several threads. It's not a secret. Besides, EA would have fixed it by now if they really didn't like it
  • Riveting cinema I spun the wheel 24 consecutive times and was lucky to clear the wheel of the remaining prizes. There is no trick just luck, Which adds to the frustration because intuitively a roulette wheel's spaces shouldn't have such drastically uneven odds from one another. Another poster suggested a holiday scratch…
  • I share your frustration. What adds insult to injury is seeing other threads out there with players complaining of what to do with the extra tokens after they won everything on the wheel. Wish I had that problem
  • Please add me Jointfx Level 37 Daily player & neighbor visitor Thanks
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