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  • Edit: My original post was from a different device on a different account...I am the same guy, just posted this under a different account apparently. There was a glitch a long time ago that you could force the bonus donut selection to keep reappearing. Once it was working, you would select your box...if you got 3 donuts,…
  • Anyone want to hear a bad luck story? I always bet on the highest payout. Even when it was a dumb idea, I just wanted to see if I could ever actually win. Never, not once did I win by choosing the "worst" odds. So, since the update...I am still staying with the trend. I pick "Not a chance" as my dog of choice...99 to 1…
  • The ability to move characters on tasks and the ability to freeze characters who have walking tasks so they stay in one place. So we can set up scenes easily.
  • As far as public opinion of their company goes, it matters. How could you deny that? If you read my comment, you would know that I mentioned that they way they conduct business is a sound approach from a profitability standpoint. I'm not denying that did their math correctly. They hit a home run with this game. However,…
  • The problem is that they make everything too expensive. Even while collecting the "free" donuts, in order to have all the premium content over the past year, you would need to spend close to $200. That's too much money. Those "free donuts" hardly put a dent into the overall cost. It's a bit frustrating that they put out so…
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