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  • Add me. Level 25 updated. Got everything except skyscraper. jwm1982
  • Silly comment from a clearly stupid person. I've only joined the forum today and can't believe how many nasty and unpleasant people there are on here. My first post someone had a go. theres constructive and theres nasty & ****. Every forum has its share but this forum seems to have more than most. If you've got nothing…
  • I'm assuming that's aimed at me although its unclear. I'm not looking for a cyber fight. Just defending myself from what I believe to be a nasty and frankly silly response to someone's first post. You are clearly a similarly minded person. As mentioned above there are a few of you. That's another ticked off the list. A…
  • Excellent. I look forward to putting them in their place like the numpty above. :lol:
  • Maxed out level 25, have all premium items. Add me...jwm1982.
  • Oh I see I found the forum pseudo admin early. Theres always one! I take your point but there's no need to be so condescending and **** about it. Mind you after looking at some of your other posts I'm not surprised. Quite sad really. :roll:
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