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  • kalvinparker is my name and laying eggs is my game. To verify, my username is: kalvinparker . I will pull my pants down and lay at least 2 eggs a day in your town in hopes you will do the same :) **UPDATED** The amount of eggs stated to be laid in each town due to egg shortages.
  • Ok so I managed to complete the task staying logged in and the screen following them on the bike for the complete 60 minutes. I then got them to re-do the task of which I logged out without doing anything else, I then waited 15 minutes before logging in to see if they were still riding the bike (which they were) except…
  • Because all these "Donuts" we've been buying and shoving down EA's throat have made them too lazy to do so. You could also ask why "premium" character's don't have any voices??
  • OK thanks, im going to set the task and leave them on screen for 60 minutes just to make sure.
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