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  • And my glitch is back. I did not miss it. :/
  • *raises hand* I would also like more land in Heights. I made that my mansion area and I have completely run out of space. :(
  • This was also my experience. Dude wanted to troubleshoot and I just explained the situation, and strongly asked for a rollback. I only lost about 22 hours of event progress. Lucky for me, once I saw how weird my game was being, I didn't try to do anything other than event stuff. Losing 22 hours now is not a big deal, IMO.…
  • From what I found online between old threads here and on Reddit, a rollback is the only fix. When EA called me they wanted to troubleshoot, but I elected not to do that since I had done my own and the guy's accent was so heavy and I was getting a lot of feedback, so I just pressed for a rollback since I knew the exact…
  • Yes. I have been able to log in several times since 11:30am AST when I was having issues. I am using an Android phone. There wqas a 40 minute window where it was just the Bart screen over and over.
  • OMG, I'm in. (using an Android phone) I finally started KEM farming, so being able to log in is critical.
  • Atlantic Standard Time. Canadian East Coast. Just behind EST.
  • I was able to log in at 7 am AST and now I am unable to 4 hours later. Sad Panda.
  • Thank you! I was coming on to ask this same question. But I have someone flying to Maine USA and that's what's botching up my Hollywood flight. It's a stuuuupid error. But at least I'll quit cycling people out to get the right destination since it's apparently not going to come up till my previous USA flight ends. Such a…
  • kandycanada : add me please! Looking for some active friends. Do not care what level you are. I've been playing since Aug 2012, but this game was started in 2013 some time. I'm down to 45 friends and I don't want to max out or anything, but more would be nice. I play daily and have been since 2012. At this point, I'm so…
  • Just looking at my friends list, only about half (24 out of 46) achieved the 24000 matter needed to get Sgt Skinner. One friend was only 300 away. I would be so annoyed at that. I didn't even make it to the Holo theatre in this game. I didn't realize it was going to be so grind-y, so even though I stalked the App store…
  • I had to have him. I thought about it for like, 2 minutes. Shortest decision made ever for my donuts. Not through his quest line yet, but it's pretty entertaining. Can confirm he howls when tapped. The pro shop is weird looking and I kind of want a golf couse now, but I'm glad it's not just a decoration. It does give…
  • I snagged Luann as soon as she was available and I have never regretted it. Her building is pretty big, but I made it work. (Unlike the re-neducation center, which is a giant eye sore) but why I love her so much is that I use long tasks the majority of my time, and Luann's got nifty visable tasks for 12, 16, & 24 hours.…
  • I know! And their decorating is pretty boring. :mrgreen: lol
  • This actually happened to me yesterday and I was wondering the same thing. I was thinking maybe "Other Springfield" did it. :mrgreen:
  • Does this explain why my game won't stay loaded? I can get in, but as soon as I tap on something with more than two thumbs up I get the ole' heave ho?
  • My offer is also gone. Both games, 2 different platforms. And I WANT ITTTTT. *sad face* I never buy the first second Gil offers. I'm the type I need to think about it a couple days. If I still want it, I commit. Well, I'm ready to Commit to Duff Gardens and it's gone. Typical.
  • Skinner's Stonecutter skin is premium now. I have 13 skins for Homer. And a premium skin for Apu as well (all American) so even though it's an okay deal for both at 100 donuts, I don't feel like I'm that tempted. Unless they have really awesome task animations?
  • The only ones I've ever swapped out were the ones for Game dollars. (And one for phones, because they're basically useless to me at this point) I did not realize that you could do another swap the next day, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this tip. Since the Event started, I haven't swapped any. A because I always forget to…
  • I'm checking in for frequently because I love the Casino event. But I've been mostly keeping Lisa making metal (except for overnight) And sometimes Ned, if I need metal across the board. (Lisa shouldn't be in a casino at all! lol) I did buy the Rich Texan in both of my games, so that helps me feel as if I can keep Lisa on…

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