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  • I was wondering the same thing. I had saved 4 from the previous event and the shattered dreams box had the exact same items the next time around. If it happens again, I’ll try to remember to post here as that would seem to be proof that the contents don’t change until you spend all your tokens. Or did everyone else have…
  • My Black Friday store is empty. No point in getting gold tokens if there’s nothing to spend them on. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind dropping some cash to at least get the Leftorium. But not worth it when there’s not even anything to spend donuts on.
  • So are you going to give people a list of buildings to categorize, or how do you want people to contribute to that effort?
  • I could go for repeating past events. I didn’t get to play the whacking day event, for example. People who played those events in the past could skip them if they weren’t interested, or play the event again. But it would be nice to offer something new in those events, since they offered so much in the yearbook. I splurged…
  • I sort of started with a zoning of sorts but really only divided into residential and nonresidential. I probably should have nuked the place and started from scratch to do a better layout when the town really started to grow, but at this point, I don’t want to mess with it. I generally keep each event as its own area, but…
  • I can’t find my Christmas train. I know I have it, but I hid it so well, I can’t find the blasted thing! So much for putting it next to Union Station. Oh well. My town is pretty poorly laid out and decorated anyway. Still wish I could find that darn train though!
  • That’s why they put donuts spent instead of donuts bought. Donuts bought would probably be a pretty small number. The only reason Kwik-i-marts placed isn’t higher is that rat trap trucks is faster if Bart doesn’t kick you out. I haven’t bothered with Kwik-i-mart farming in ages.
  • That’s the only thing I want. I wanted it from pretty much every sale we’ve had. Too classic not to have. Don’t really care about having a pride event, just give me John and Cockamamie’s already!
  • I think Bart is out to get us. He’s the one interrupting our playing, after all. Try strangling him and see if that helps.
  • Knowing EA, they probably got a promotion instead.
  • I have a couple neighbors whose towns are annoying because for some reason, I can never find whatever we’re supposed to tap. The towns are huge and well-designed, but the streets are empty. It takes forever if I use their towns to collect event currency. I may drop or at least hide them.
  • I still have two prizes left to get (though I should get the next to last first thing tomorrow). I’ve spent a lot of donuts rushing people at the forge to get this far. It seems like event currency is very slow to trickle in this event.
  • Unless I missed it, no one mentioned Betty White! Or did I REALLY miss something and we actually already have her? And what about John? (Owner of Cockamamie's Collectibles Shop) We didn’t get him and I missed it, I hope? Other than that, I would like to see just about any of the characters mentioned (Troy McClure and Gil…
  • Just remembered Jay Leno asking someone to get Bart a TV for not knowing who he was. Stephen King was signing autographs and promised to call Marge when he got back to writing horror. Then there was the episode with Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, and Ron Howard. Mel Gibson showed using Springfield as a test audience. How many…
  • How about “The Random Event,” filled with every little random reference we want. Sort of like the mini-short films (stories?) of Springfield episode. Throw in everything but the kitchen sink. Oh, what the heck, throw the sink in there too. In fact, start with the sink!
  • Yes!! I would be over the moon for Troy McClure, but I think we have a better chance at Betty White. Leonard Nimoy would be awesome, too.
  • It will start on January 38. You won’t know what it is or what to do, but if you make a mistake, you’ll be on double secret probation until the next event, which will be sometime in Madeuptember.
  • I think Marvin Monroe is the resident psychiatrist. But you could always try Dr. Nick.
  • Send 8 ** leaguers to battle for 450 tomes (after dismissing one worth 10 wrapping paper). Problem is, after I cleared the battle going on, it turned out to be the last one, leaving me stuck at 4/8 sent. Can’t dismiss it since I dismissed another one to get this one. So now what?
  • Collect Krustyland tickets for 1000 money. Dismissed it hoping for something to get donuts, and got collect 5 smart devices. I already had more than the maximum smart devices. I would like to tell them what they can do with their smart devices.
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