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  • Nah, its his normal character... gonna have to rush with donuts again Will try add screenies now: job approx half completed 10 mins ago: Bernice job list Hibbert job list job just re-started: EDIT: Its cut-off the ends of my photos... You can still make out the important stuff but I clearly need to learn how to do this...…
  • Checked my other town and all my feeders... my other main, hibbert had 19 hrs left of his 24hr quest, so couldnt check his task list... when I checked him for 4hr dining at El Chemistri, its not in any of my feeders which battered my head for a while... so went back to my original town and used donuts to speed it up...…
  • bought mine in error, but its kinda growing on me now, especially with the Golden statues I placed out in front, that'll do for now until I can get cracking on with my town overhaul... Hopefully Chester will be able to use it at some point :)
  • Kirk?? yeh, he was voiced... by himself funnily enough; although the opposite may be true about the far-eastern versions of Star Trek :P
  • hahaha... priceless... ok, well guess I must concur with what the gentlemen all said about each other then :lol: I had a neighbour with 3 SF falls and another with 3 whacking day statues... didn't think I needed to ask about those though lol Thanks guys, lucky I didnt delete him instinctively then, would have felt pretty…
  • Check the building list :)
  • ... Like Captain Kirk's, 'Beam me up Scotty'... (which he never once said)... kinda appropriate right now :twisted:
  • It just takes up space being, er, abandoned... can't see any mention about it affecting any of the conform-o-meter attributes anywhere... Ottos definitely the better of the 2 on the surface - though you can buy him any time whereas the abandoned store is limited time... Personally, I like it and it goes well with a few…
  • What pics do you want him to post?? the nuke button?? a picture of his locked hospital?? His convo with live chat??? :roll: OP - it doesnt store debris and I cant see it unlocking your hospital either, though I can understand why you'd be frustrated enough to try... Its not just you, I had it happen in one of my towns but…
  • Look how many people bought the ULTRA expensive whale!!
  • Yeh I think that seems to be the way, things that can't be stored manually won't be stored with the nuke button... :)
  • Right, didn't know that, saw the image and tapped it as I was just curious as to payouts etc If I'd stopped to think rationally for a second or 2, I may have figured that out... oh well... its starting to grow on me now and tbh, I'd rather pay 250 for that than 300 for that ridiculously over-priced whale!! lol :D
  • Didn't even consider whether it'd be available for KL; all good for when I re-build mine soon... Least I won't have to laboriously place everything one-at-a-time as I had to with SF a cpl months ago... What things did it not store in KL Neuroheart?? I should imagine EA are pretty confident they got the 'wrong town' glitch…
  • Have you actually tried this yourself?? I ask not to purposely contradict you, but I only got 4 warnings altogether!! :) Dont suppose it matters, if someones deteremined to nuke their town, its immaterial whether you get 4, 5, 10 or 50 warnings theyre gonna do regardless... But you'll always get 1 - kicking off because he…
  • There's a confirmation with it, had to try it didn't I?? Then suddenly realised I REALLY didn't want to do it to my main town after all lol... Players must be at a certain level before it appears to them... I started a new town to try it out but it hadn't appeared by level 7 or 8 so just gave up - its probably level 15…
  • That explains why he's no showed in my freemium town or feeders - at least I cant make that mistake again - yes, I really CAN be that stoopid sometimes!!! :?
  • OUCH... just bought it by accident.... FKIN DONUT CONFIRMATION BEEN SWITCHED OFF AGAIN!!! I know, I shoulda checked, but it hasnt happened to me for about 12 months... Only clicked on it in menu to have a closer look before I decide **** :x :x :x
  • No wasn't level 42, I was straight on that as I'd read it was due on topic... Has your inventory gone back to normal??
    in updates Reply by kevfd June 2014
  • Just noticed... My inventory has gone back to how it was before everything got mixed up post-Easter update... That must be what it was!!!
    in updates Reply by kevfd June 2014
  • Thankfully not just me, don't mean that in a negative way, would just have sent me crazy if it had been lol... strange, phantom update... very very strange how I got it on 2 different devices... Maybe they are watching me :shock: :P
    in updates Reply by kevfd June 2014

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