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  • I am having this problem as well, i enter my springfield, start scrolling around and within 15-20 seconds the games crashes, i am really pissed because i have spent a lot of money on donuts and a lot of time building up my town and now the game is completely unplayable, hopefully EA will fix this in the next update,…
  • I had this same issue, i was able to fix this by changing my timezone to (AU) Australia and this enabled me to enter my springfield no problem. I later changed back my timezone and i was still able to enter my springfield. However my springfield still crashes quite frequently when i am setting tasks or just scrolling…
  • Yes i have tried multiple times, game still continues to crash and will not let me past the loading screen, i have tried logging into a different account and it works perfectly normal, so there is a problem with the account
  • I am also having this problem ever since i completed all the halloween quests the games has become unplayable, i hit tap to continue, i hear the zombie sound and then the game just crashes!!!!!!!!! I have tried everything, from reistalling, deleting friends, deleting from multitask and nothing is working!!! EA better fix…
  • I am having the same problem, since i finished all the halloween quests the game has been completely unplayable for the past couple weeks, after i hit "tap to continue" i hear the zombie sound and then the game just crashes immediately after. Hopefully EA fill fix this bug in the next update Newest Building: Krabappel…
  • this same thing has happened to me as well when i was changing my origin id, however this was easily fixed, all i had to do was: Log out of origin Delete tapped out from multitask Delete tapped out Redownload from appstore Log back into origin and it should be back to normal.
  • nope still doesnt work, what idevice are you currently using and what version are you on? I am currently using an iPad (2nd gen) running ios 6.0.1
  • I am having the exact same problem, i hear the zombie sound after i hit "tap to continue" i see a black screen and then the game crashes, my springfield is quite complex with many decorations hedges, trees etc, so that might be the problem! Level: 22 Newest Building: Krabappel Apartment Saving Up For: Land Halloween…
  • I had the same problem, the only way to fix this glitch is to sell your retirement castle and buy another one, should fix the problem, it worked for me
  • Hmm, unfortunately i may have to contact ea games considering how i cant stay logged in long enough to try and change anything, game crashes almost instantly after i hit "tap to continue", Thanks anyways,
  • yes ive tried logging out from origin and this did not help, also my springfield is quite large and complex with probably 300+ hedges, many trees ect.. will deleting some of these items eliminate my problem?
  • You need to purchase the ray gun for 150 donuts and shoot his space ship down, then he will join your springfield, he is also able to do quests :)
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