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  • Hi! Level 43. I visit daily during events, and 3-4 times a week during non-events. I just did a purge and would love some neighbors who do the same. kjamma. Happy tapping!
  • I'm a kindle user, no connectivity problems here. I'm on a fire HDX, don't know if that makes a difference. The only time I experience connectivity issues is when I'm on my iPhone at work, but that's just cause I'm not on Wi-Fi and have to rely on my phone's regular data connection. All my apps (facebook and links) load…
  • Hahaha @Deadshot: that is pretty much the only thing that's been running through my head since yesterday!
  • I've not found an app yet, but you can play online. I would link but my understanding is it's frowned upon here, even though it's not a competing TSTO site. If you can't find it, pm me and I'll give you the link.
  • Cute. I think it could work!
  • Okay, Mr/Ms Thinker. I am going to preface this by saying you can call me SemperUbiSubUbi (Latin FTW!) 1) Reading others' posts, I realize I've been ridiculously lucky. I did use donuts to buy eggs at the beginning and I got a good amount of stuff doing so, though hardly everything. I've heard I'm a sore winner, so I will…
  • Heheheheheh! Not quite as impactful as the "This is your brain..." PSA, but yes, I absolutely remember that one. He was walking around in circles in a restroom. IT NEVER ENDS!!!
  • Holy Schnikies, youse guys! I should remember to read the ENTIRE thread before posting! An historical French Romanticism painting, a War Games reference, AND a freakin' deakin' DUCKTALES reference all in one thread?!?! I... Oh no... I can't believe I'm about to say this, but: I can't even right now! Seriously, THIS is the…
  • #1: So, maybe I never graduated college, but as someone who majored in Art History when I was in school, I love this post. #2: I think I'm going to need a red circle here? #3. I've forsaken Scrabble for Cards Against Humanity. Sorry, Charlie.
  • Sorry for your unluck. Totally real word, btw. I got my Faberge egg about 24 hours after completing the questline from zapping bunnies in my town (not carrot farming.) That was... I dunno, Monday? (I got a late start to the update and timing through the days on top of it meant I was late in ending the questline.) If it's…
  • Neat! I haven't gotten donuts from friend visits at any point during this event, but I randomly got the level up donut prize twice in a row a few minutes ago.
  • I'm with mwdalton - I tend to find that type of humor funny anyway though. Meh, we don't all have to agree.
  • I... I got my Faberge egg about an hour ago. And in the same sweep I got a basket. I haven't been waiting as long as some and that's crummy, but there really is hope guys and gals! Keep tapping.
  • We'll call it payback for bringing up the nuns in the other thread. I had the school, PLUS an aunt who was a nun. So, in short, you're welcome :)
  • Pink is my uncommon color, so if I accidentally gave away 100 of my pink eggs I could see being irritated by that. You know, by dint of the fact that they placed a basket for pink eggs, that they are probably not going to return the favor, so... As far as your colorful, if crass, analogy, I've not gotten many eggs gifted…
  • *whistles innocently* Without going into the sad, sordid details of what I have spent on donuts over time on this game (both moneywise and/or by converting giftcards from holidays to donuts) as a premium content "hoarder" I buy multiples of the same for one or more of a few different reasons. First, if it's a multiplier,…
  • That could be fun if you're stockpiling through bunny-zapping and friend visits - but if you're buying eggs to that degree with donuts, I think it's kind of silly. This game has a way of having most things work out in the end for everyone (community prizes) so I would be ticked if I bought tens of thousands of eggs with…
  • Oh wow, yeah. My suggestion does sound stupid after reading this and going through my friends' towns. And whoever is stockpiling those eggs... hahahahah why?
  • Mario and Sonic rode into my town on Yoshi and gave me my FE (lies - I am Fabergeless. I also am basketless, but I wasn't really getting very many to start with, so meh.)
  • If they are talking about the egg counts on your friends' towns before entering the town, I believe that is a lifetime total, not the current total. I splurged on donuts and bought a few of the barns of blue/pink donuts, but I stopped and now I am working on earning the eggs to get the Golden eggs/GEBs. If anyone needs any…

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