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  • Just stay active posting at least once per day and you should get the promotion to level 2 on the 22nd.
  • I'm back in. I am positive it's apple App Store issue. Not that I am sticking up for ea. :twisted:
  • This one may actually be an apple issue. The first thing the game does at startup is go to apple and verify the latest version of the game is installed. And by apple I mean the apple app store
  • From what I have read the sims servers are completely down and everyone is down.
  • Same here. Just fired it up after being away a couple of hours and now just goes in this constant loop. Must have update to play, install it (which is same update installed the other day for * Patrick's content) start the game again and immediately get Must have update to continue.
  • Yes for the week before and up to Xmas day he offered 25 percent more donuts per purchase. That was a pretty good deal if you buy a boatload. It was over 500 free donuts.
  • I think I'm going to go with white.
  • Yeah I did the cell only for a while so I could test different networks and never made progress. But it never hurts to try things over and over again. :lol: The only difference between what you did and what I did with others is you don't have a fully wiped device as if it were brand new out of the box. If you do go that…
  • Have you disabled cellular data and only tried with wifi. Essentially this is the same as trying on an older phone with no service. It's all worth a shot. Again the fact of cellular being turned off did not work on an iPad. I have only been able to get this to work on iPhones.
  • Having free disk space would only matter if you were completely out of space. The resources we feel are freed up enough are proc and ram. Also since the cause is not device related your iPod is not a deciding factor. The deciding factor is if you are on an affected server.
  • Cool. This is the 7th confirmed user that this worked for. Again mileage will vary for everyone but its worth a try using an older iPhone with no service turned on and no other resources in use.
  • Me too. Looks nice
  • What I find stranger is that they often times are walking parallel to a road as if they are walking on the Next "grid" over. Fortunate for me my town wasn't big enough back when those glitches from size and too much decor.
  • Sorry still don't see it. Where is the image hosted?
  • That also makes me wonder if they are going to kill the mypad tasks as well.
  • Sucks to hear you all got infected a second time. I guess like with the rest of this ridiculousness there is no rhyme or reason and you are at the mercy of the ea servers flipping a coin to seal your fate.
  • Haha, truthfully I do too. I send everyone on 4 hour tasks, login an hour later to collect on some houses and there's moe just standing there.... And it's always random characters so I don't think it's a glitch with specific characters, but there s always one I miss and I don't get it. :lol:
  • The origin app and this forum are two completely separate items with separate settings. The only thing they share is user name and password. Ea uses origin as their authentication database for everything so folks only have a single user name and password for everything. It cuts down on how many user name and passwords you…
  • Hit the bonus round, played for another 20 minutes no issue. Then got back in no issue. Thus far Zoe is the only report I have seen of getting it twice. There could easily be more, I just haven't seen any.
  • One thing you can do if you have missing characters wandering around that you can't find is: 1. Hit the move button 2. Hide buildings and decor 3. All of your characters light up like a Xmas tree as they are the only bright item left in the town.

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