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  • Doesn't help me. I can watch the timer the whole time and it will reach 0s and that's where it stays without a ticket. Interestingly, if i leave the game along the way, it won't reset. But once it reaches 0, it will reset to 20 minutes if I leave game. In other words, I have no way of getting a ticket no matter how long I…
  • At least that's a workaround. Even leaving it running in the foreground won't help me. I tried on multiple devices too.
  • This. My timer will reach 0s, and that's where it stays without a ticket. If i leave game at that point, it goes back to 20 minutes. Only way I can send the traveler for Norbert's tasks is to spend 2 donuts on a ticket.
  • The game just reset itself to,an earlier state for me. About 24 hours ago, in fact. I lost all the flags and lady duff, but otherwise it seems to be working now
  • That is depressing. Mine just started crashing as I didn't see the announcement until after i sent homer to confront.Lady duff. Aren't I glad I spent decades donuts for her, and now I lose progress on all the other prizes
  • I am a fool. Apparently I forgot how to buy land. Nevermind.
  • 1000, i think. But I want laaaaaaaaand
  • There is no new land in my game (and I did update, already building castle). What gives? :evil:
  • He doesn't have to be on a task even. You can open his task window, and then tap him 10 times, and he will giggle and all that. Makes it easier to do than when he is on a task. Maybe that'll help.
  • Yeah I was briefly freaking out that lag might return. It didn't, and we got 20 donuts, which is a nice amount. Thank you EA!
  • Yeah, it would be nice if it was fixed for iOS as well. I am not getting the party boat until I can actually scroll across my squidport again.
  • I don't think it's device specific. Today's update made the lag somewhat reduced, but areas with more than one character on task on the screen are still essentially unplayable. No matter which device I tried.
  • Didn't fix my lag either. the area with people on visible tasks (squidport) is a little faster but still essentially unplayable. The rest of town is only playable because no one is on task Both on iPad retina and iPhone 4s
  • If you like them, you can hide them for now (in the same place where you go to add or delete). That way they just get skipped when you make rounds, and when the big is fixed you can easily bring them back.
  • Didn't fix that issue. Only the FP problem was fixed.
  • Yup, my squidport is still unplayable (only place I have characters on task, so they don't wander off), and still crashes the game with the exact same neighbors as before.
  • For me, it's no longer lagging in areas where no one (or maybe one character) is on a visible task. So my squidport is still unplayable, but elsewhere is ok. Of course this solution is not great for people who still need to earn money. I can afford to let the majority of characters just roam free,
  • My problem with that solution is that I have a few characters (10) that one way or the other ended up on my squidport and I would like to keep them there, just to keep it lively. Where else can Rex banner really eat his banana kaboom? (One day he just wandered onto SP). Also a great place for dr nick to advertise his cheap…
  • I have a suspicion that some of the lag depends on building density as well as characters being on task. My squidport is unplayable. It just freezes up, and I have 9 characters on it on task (can't take them off, because they now would wander off SP before I could restart the task), and obviously many buildings. Town…
  • I'm on iOS, and my game just became as laggy as yours. Tried iPhone 4s and iPad retina. So, it's not android, something is just wrong.

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