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  • I have the same problem with Santa Flanders task not appearing. The app was updated, but I still have the missing task and therefore cannot be completed.
  • I have the same issue. I have contacted EA twice so far about it and they have not offered any solution. I have Duffman, but not the Lady Duff skin. It’s not in the storage. It is not available in the store or in the Yearbook. It’s been months now that I cannot complete the Mexican Duffman quest line.
  • I have the same issue. Lady Duff is not available in the store or Yearbook in my game. Nor it is in storage. I tried storing the brewery and then re-adding it. It didn’t work. I cannot complete this task without Lady Duff. I have contacted EA directly about it TWICE and they have been no help unfortunately.
  • I too never got the little red plane. I am assuming that the task that is supposed to trigger never triggered in my game. :(
  • I lost my 10 donuts too. How can I get them back?
  • Thanks for this update. I've always wanted to have pride flag in my Springfield since the US flag was first offered. Now I have many. I wish I make them constantly blow in the wind, but I imagine it was done the way it was to cut down on the CPU cycles the game would taxi if they were all flowing in the breeze at once.…
  • Add me to the chorus of others with the 'Sideshow You' issue. Krusty or the Krustyland management forgot to order more balloons or something. All I get now is a balloon popping sound effect and the screen flickers. No chance to win donuts that way. What a way to burst my bubble... err.. balloon. :(
  • Same problem here too. No Sideshow You anymore. When I tap it, it only makes the balloon popping sound effect and the screen flashes. No new game after 8 hours. At this point, it's my main reason for visiting Krustyland in hopes that I may win some donuts (which is very rare). :(
  • I'm not sure if this has been reported yet or not, but I can no longer store Boardwalk Fences in my Inventory anymore since the Stonecutter's update. I had been able to do so previously. When I try now it calls me a hoarder and tells me it cannot be stored. Also sometimes I see the Wolfcastle home animate for no reason (no…
  • Not a biggie, but I thought I would report it anyway. After the Stonecutter's update, the Channel 6 building satellite dish now works in reverse. Previously the dish would pivot when the building was in use, now it's stationary when the building is in use and animates (pivots up and down) when the building is not being…
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