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  • I have the same problem (posted in another thread). EA reIeased mexican duffman even for those who don’t have already lady duffman, but did not change the second quest, which is still requiring LD. Final result: we’re now stuck and there is no way to get out of this quest
  • I have a problem with the mexican duffman: I was able to get it even without lady duffman, but now I’m stucked as the second quest for mexican duffman is requiring LD to be completed... no way to get out of this quest
  • Just tell me if you'd like to spend some time chatting in italian instead of taking some lessons in front of a PC ... :) At least I'd also know what to do waiting for the Godot patch
  • I am locked out in my Ipad since more than 8 hours. I've tried to start the game on my Iphone right now (just ignoring the message that my previous device had not saved the latest status yet) and I was actually able to get in for few seconds, just the time to see that I'm level 63 and to collect money from a couple of…
  • Same here in Italy I just got the prison some hours ago before getting to sleep and now I wanted to start the following quest... Argh I was just able to log in my secondary city this morning but once I switched to my primary one iI was kicked out. I wish I started the other way round....
  • Reached something around 3100 (not 100% sure about the final number since I've already downloaded the new update) and #2 on my board, really close to #1
  • 2 as well Anyway I slowed down a bit once I reached the island
  • Great, thanks a lot
  • I had the same issue yesterday (there was another post on this subject). I opened a ticket on the EA support web site and they told me it's a known problem impacting many players. Luckily it was solved overnight (italian time) and this morning I could start playing again. Anyway I missed tunnels 2&3 bonuses (I should reach…
  • I got a reply from EA on my issue: the only thing they said is "it's a known issue and we're working on that" .... Beside the invitation to post my problem on the forum (already done, even before contacting EA) the only other suggestions were the classical stuff (close the app, re-start the device, re-install the app,…
  • Ahhhhhhh Crashing every time I log in since some hours. I've tried several devices (including a brand new Iphone 6) but without success. The last update just release did not solve my problem. I've just sent an email to EA, let's see what they say. By the way, with the very same devices I can play without any issue on my…
  • My game skipped the family quest as well
  • Please add me lox73 Daily level43 player with a dozen of empty slots
  • Quick update: within few hours I got EA customer service reply. They actually awarded me with the correct 4k elixirs and I received also 5 donuts for the inconvenience. I must admit that this time EA response was timely and effective
  • I'm on the same boat. I've just reached 9500 gold but the reward was surely not 4000 elixirs (not quite sure which was the actual amount, anyway after that I only upgraded a castle with 2400 elixirs and now I have only 400 left, so definitively it cannot be 4000...). I contacted EA through web site and now I'm waiting for…
  • I got also SVT in the mystery box yesterday Quite strange if it's just a coincidence...
  • I had the very same problem. Storing it or rebooting did not solved the issue, but visiting the friends reset to the normal status. Thanks Jesfer72
  • Feel free to add me: lox73 Level 39 daily player and still few empty slots for friends to be filled
  • Please add me lox73 Level 39 daily player :D
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