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  • I have the same issue. I don't want to spend over 100 donuts for it and I am almost 200 chocolate bars short. I am not going to get UBO too. I guess it's good that I am not a completionist! lol
  • I have had so much trouble with this event and I am not sure why. I only have a little over 7000 LPS, so I don't see how I can get the UBO. Right now I am trying to get the Rigellan Tribal Hut. I missed out of the hovercopter in the last round, so I was hoping to get that too. I play the game multiple times a day (like…
  • I am not finished and don't think I will finish. . . This is the first TSTO quest that I have not finished, and it was frustrating. I think a combination of things ruined my chance to finish. First, quite a few of my neighbors did not participate, or if they did, it was only maybe once a week. So, I would just have to…
  • I'm not close to finishing. It's because I don't have the full list of friends and quite a few of my friends are not even playing. So, I am glad that there is enough time on the game for me to finish.
  • I got the notice that my nerds were replenished, but they were not. Am I supposed to do something to get them, or are they automatically added to my game?
  • Has anyone bought any Blam! producing items (the trucks, etc. )? They cost a lot of clams (makes me appreciate the TSTO donut system!) and I cannot figure out if it is worth it.. . .Haven't been playing this game long, so I don't know if they will start offering easier ways to get Blam! and finish the event?
  • Thanks! I am having this problem now!
  • The buffet in KL has a quest for Wiggum, Lou, and Eddie. But, Lou and Eddie don't come into KL. I have gone back and forth between the two and can't figure out what to do. So, is that task going to just stay on forever?
  • I am brand new to this game, so I have a couple of questions. .. What is the best strategy for collecting the cans? With TSTO, the points continue to add up after you win a prize, but this one starts over. So, does it still make sense to build up to the big prizes? Or, should I just get all of the small ones and hope that…
  • Whew!! I came on here wanting to complain about the number of gates, egg piles, and ponds I keep getting, but I am too busy laughing at all of your commentary to stress about my sh*tty results. Thanks everyone!
  • I haven't gotten any buildings and only got the Rabbit man as far as characters. . . .very depressing, but I will trudge on.
  • I am going to remain hopeful for Black Friday even though there are no files then!
  • From EA website: Our systems that handle online gameplay, matchmaking, and login are offline for all of our titles. This means that you may unable to play online or may get dropped from multiplayer matches, and will not be able to login to EA sites. We are aware of this problem are we are working hard to fix things as…
  • Same thing is happening to me. Has anyone gotten a response from EA?
  • I am one of the "slackers" who does not have 10K yet. I assure you I play every day, multiple times. I just don't have 100 friends, and some of my friends are not participating (can't figure out why). But, I am moving along at a nice pace and will be done ahead of schedule. This is, though because of all of my friends who…
  • This is wonderful!! Most of the time, I understand the frustration that goes around since everyone is so invested in their town (it is "life-ruiningly fun," right? lol), but I appreciate the positive posts way more. I am a long time lurker on the forum site (been in since the beginning, but don't post much) and am most…
  • This whole post is exciting!!!! I finally went in for the boatload of donuts and it looks like they won't be around for long. . . . Le Sigh. . . .
  • Now I just need for some store to have an Itunes gift card sale!!
  • When I saw this post, I immediately thought. . . wait, there is another update with Squidport?? I'm just saying, the details in that description. . . . Oh, and I vote for Crazy Cat Lady!

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