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  • This is officially the least user friendly app I have ever encountered. We all know about the continuous blackouts and extra download times. Then they told us we had too many items in our towns that they told us to build. My personal fave is how the game takes all kinds of precautions to make sure you buy your donuts, but…
  • I just reached the 93480 for level 24 this morning. I hate to crush you, but there is no level 24. When people get on here and complain about petty things like zombies walking around their town, real issues don't get the necessary attention. I am disappointed in the Thanksgiving update. I really wish they would have waited…
  • Yeah. Nothing for 2000 treats is pretty lame. I think the update was lame too. Everybody complained about the zombies so much that they made that and some stupid balloons a priority over fixing some of the real bugs in the game.
  • Nice! the long awaited level 23. I don't think they gave me all of my XP, but I was shocked to see any of it. Channel 6 is new, and the Springfield post office is new for $207,000. They have provided some new decor for the hood as well. A volleyball court, lawn chairs, and brick walls-with or without graffiti. Oh yeah, I…
  • What happens with the treats after Halloween? I am going to have a couple thousand by then and the only thing left uncovered is the cauldron. Can you buy the cauldron with treats? I have not been trying to get treats for two weeks. All of my missions have been for cash but I keep accumulating treats that I am affraid I…
  • That is a bummer. Oh well, now we have time to expand and decorate. Does it really make you play any less? As long as I keep getting missions I am good. Hopefully they reimburse some XP for those of us stuck at 88080. I don't see how they could though. too hard to keep track of.
  • You are currently doing everything you can. the only other thing I can suggest is visiting friends' neighborhoods and robbing their cemeteries and House of Evil. Good luck! I just got Burn's monster yesterday. It looks kool and makes kool noises, but it does not earn anything so you are really not missing much.
  • I read this post after I had the same problem. Dude...you are a genius! Thank you for saving my game. I erased more than ten friends just to be sure, and it worked! Advice was much appreciated. I have not been able to re-add those friends, or add any friends since then for that matter. Kind of sucky, but I have my game…
  • I would be honored to be your friendy friend friend...add me please: Luvispower. Thank you for your kind consideration.
  • Add me please: Luvispower . Thank you very much. Many blessings and peace for you and your loved ones.
  • Add me please: Luvispower. Thank you very much. Many blessings and peace for you and your loved ones.
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