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  • +1 on Cleatus'farm. I've got corn growing and forgot about it completely.
  • Hooray for Halloween!!! Add me! mamalettejen
  • The only issue I've had this far is whenever someone dumps garbage on my super collider, my game freezes and then crashes completely. Into storage it went.
  • After a 9 month hiatus due to personal issues, I'm back and ready to tap. Please add me! mamalettejen
  • Just got done emailing EA also. I've only skimmed this thread but I am wondering if our not getting the elixir has anything to do with the fact that you can only purchase elixir on Wednesdays? Maybe it'll be locked up until tomorrow and we'll all get our 4000 elixir when it goes on sale since that's the only time it's…
  • While visiting neighbors, I've been able to click on the nerd icon above people's castles if they have nerds ready. Does anyone know if it resets the timer on producing nerds. If so, we need to watch our neighbor's castles!
  • I have mine linked with Facebook but every time I change out the battery on my device, I have to link with Facebook again. Did you get logged out somehow?
  • I know I'm late to the party but... None of us can live a normal life after the great EAster Disaster of 2014.
  • shelton540: You cannot expect support for an idea that is controversial at best unless you yourself are willing to support the idea. You've given no valid reasons why separate forums would be necessary. You offered up a topic of discussion but do not discuss the pros and cons yourself. My troll-o-meter is freaking out…
  • To OP. I don't believe this topic was trolling either. But lack of supportive, reasoned argument for your cause can make it seem that way. Dividing the forum between premium/freemium has the potential to take away the voice of freemium players. EA sometimes pays attention to what goes on around here, this is known. The…
  • Having paid money for this game (more than I care to admit), I'd have to say no. I believe the division of players into haves and have nots is NOT a good idea. This is a forum where ideas should be expressed freely regardless of premium/freemium status. A separate forum for premium players makes for inequality among the…
  • Won't be nuking my town due to Brandine's delicate condition. I hope to have all 3 Spuckler children before the end of the year. At least that'll give EA time to work out any residual bugs related to the nuke button. Has anyone had issues with it since it's re-release?
  • OMG LMFAO! There's coffee splatters on my screen now. Thanks! :lol: I had no idea it was doing that! I'm on a mobile device and the whole thing shows up when I look at it. If that's what other people see, I suppose I'll keep it that way. It's too GD funny to change it :lol:
  • Did you try The Star Spangled Rex Banner? We are in the midst of the 4th Of July mini event after all :lol:
  • Sorry your event experience was less than stellar. I wasn't lucky. There were no wheels and no misery boxes. No luck involved. Completing the event with enough time to get extra donuts was solely due to very dedicated tapping and lots of good neighbors :mrgreen: If you're new to the game, take heart, you'll do much better…
  • Today is apparently not my day :cry: Guess I'll be anticipating the birth of that second Spuckler with even more fervor. Or I suppose I could do the remodel the old fashioned way :(
  • I was eligible to start the 3rd task at 4:08am but I had to be at work at 4:00am. Didn't get the chance for a "potty break" :wink: until around 5:30am. Seriously, next time I'm just going to be 10 minutes late to work and start the task.
  • If they're in a building, just store the building. That should take them out of their task.
  • Next time I'll just be late to work and start the task!
  • They probably drop new crops when I only have 2 or 3 days left on my corn. Been trying to grow since the beginning of the year and have yet to wait the full 90 days.

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