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  • Just wondered, are there any more members of the lounge? Mark
  • Yes, I had exactly the same problem as well. In the end I gave up even trying 2 as that didn’t seem to work either. I even got it when I was clearing all of the finished character tasks! Mark
  • I finally got to the 24,000 lounge as well. Currently standing at 24,331%. I think that by turning all of the %multiplier items into Little Lady Justice, I can probably get another 1000%. I take my hat off to Sean, as his town looks infinitely better than mine! For those of you aspiring to move ever upwards, I started by…
  • Durrrrrrr, might have something to do with the fact that my Xp collider had run out of charge! What a dope! Mark
  • I have been swapping out some of the billboards for the Lisa Lionheart Statues currently in my vault, as they take up the same floor area, but give over twice the %. I need this as I am regularly exceeding the max item count. The billboards are currently filling up Crustyland. Mark
  • At the moment, I have them all over the place. I do have every available land tile. Just to give you an idea, at the moment, I can build around 1000 KEMs in one go. That gives me the ability to generate 500 x 3 donuts. Mind you, it is incredibly tedious turning 1000 KEM's into donuts. This has taken me quite a long time to…
  • The sequence that the mystery box follows gives you around 3 news vans and three itchy and scratchy signs together with the Lard Lad Donut shops. In addition, there are several cash value items like the 'Onda' etc. I sold every one of the cash value prizes to generate more cash to plough back into buying the KEM's.…
  • I must have spent thousands of donuts to get there. I worked out that the mystery box gave me the edge on % per donut. I was generating around 300-400 KEM per session, and as I built up the donuts, I just bought as many mystery boxes as possible. The mystery boxes run a pretty stable permutation, so it was a say to know…
  • After many hours of work, I have finally reached 5000%. The plus side is the fact that two KEM's generate 1,000,000 XP. The negative side is that I have Itchy and Scratchy signs, and News vans everywhere! Mark
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