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  • Those are action tasks - instead of a character going into a building and disappearing for the length of the task, they do something animated (like "clean up Springfield, or Chief Wiggum wearing a dress and wig when he's "undercover". :)
  • I've had a lot of problems. On my tablet, I've had problems with the download blocking my internet access. As soon as I delete the game, my internet works properly. I finally got it to work last night, but now I can't visit any friends without being kicked out of the game. My desktop is working better than my tablet, at…
  • I have no problem occasionally paying for donuts, but I think they are WAY overpriced for what you get for them (or should I say the premium stuff costs way too many donuts). I see a lot of "friends" who have obviously spent hundreds of dollars to buy donuts to buy stuff. And no matter how additive this game is, I would…
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