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  • Great cheers. Luigi is a bit of a curveball to kick it all off!
  • Fat Tony arrives with the Legitimate Businessmans club
  • Had something similar a week after i recovered from the harp glitch/donut glitch (so presumably when i levelled up again) I was out for 3 weeks, only cured by the level 27 update (missed all of the * paddys event)
  • See? Probably could be promoted by now if I'd combined my post counts!
  • I've not played them regularly but the odds on the cash scratchcards seems to have worsened considerably since they were introduced. Make of that what you will (assuming they use the same coding and the chance is the same)
  • If you'be not committed much time to the game suggest starting again from scratch with a new origin account
  • I particularly like the total non commitment in "As of now, it would be hard to commit a time frame. However, I assure that once we are ready with a fix, we will not have issues like these bothering our game play experience."
  • Don't expect a better response than this: Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts. First of all, I sincerely apologize for the delay in response. Going forward, we would do our best to respond in time. I understand that you are experiencing issu…
  • Just for the record while we're sharing, I'm a Harp-survivee (recovered using an iPhone 5), who got this a week after being Harped out, presumably when my XP bar filled again as I was just doing a morning collection. It's different to the harp glitc…
  • Had the same crashing to home screen for a week now. Not happy I'm missing out on the limited time at paddys content.
  • Weathered the storms, but the storms just keep coming! I'm locked out of the second town I've built up, there's no way I'm building from scratch again!
  • I thought everyone knew what a triffid was! Classic horror film up there with War of the Worlds. (There was a recent remake as a mini-series here in the uk) Not sure I ever understood why they were in here, I assumed a Halloween special I had misse…
  • Well, that's it for me. I've built a town up to have it reset, lost all my halloween stuff, cool brown house and duff racer, then built one again to two buildings from completion (Wiggum & Chemitri), survived the harp glitch, got all the premium…
  • Bumblebee man obvs :/ Yep, purged the horrid Burns monster, but stupidly replaced with a Funzo! Pointless!
  • Thanks all, feels good and im happy with my new Springfield. a handy donut glitch bought me Kearney, SVT and Butterfly man :) Pretty sure the iPhone would go against the wall if it happens again! Hopefully I was just unlucky but its bad they seem to…
  • Level 25, loads of premiums (if that counts for anything now) and well up for giving and receiving valentines cards! Markfcs
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