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  • It did! It did! Thank you so much. It hadn't occurred to me they would have a skin choice. Now I have a little strip of browns behind my shopping center.
  • I bought three brown houses just for guests after reading thus thread but alas, since I had previously decorated my original ones, these don't have the lights. So sad! Even tried putting them in storage but nothing.... Has this happened to anyone? Will they miraculously have lights later?
  • I limited my list to 25-30 friends once I hit the higher levels and didn't need visiting friends as a source of cash (I never set up a house farm). Now I take extra time looking for the spray paint-able buildings, followed by those with the longest times. I do miss the TP and egging houses, it was not only fun to do but I…
  • Once I hit the higher levels, I deleted all the inactive players from my friends list plus those with Springfields I didn't enjoy looking at. I'm lucky to have in my list some of the prettiest towns, now I can spend more time visiting those and getting inspiration to make mine better rather than hitting towns quickly just…
  • Mdfriend, I loved your version with all the mini islands. The slight offset in your brown house farm was a really nice touch. But for some reason, what I found most amusing is that even though each building is its own mini island, some of the businesses had parking! Once I get more land, I may redesign my Springfield so it…
  • I just added some of you (thanks for accepting my request). Jofre those were some lovely mazes, emdacy placing the butterfly tent by the library was a lovely touch. Can't wait to see more pretty Springfields - I think mine is coming along nicely but still need some more money and land to take it to the next level.
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