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  • Play several times a day.... Mash8055
  • So I get home after work excited to see got the Valentine's Day update.... Short lived joy!!!! Starts to load then I get the page with Bart... So,etching about this page again.... Like EA is taunting us... For almost two hours tried logging in... Didn't work on either of my two iPads, tried logging in with a friend's user…
  • For those of you who have managed to get their game back, has the Scandalous Spending tasks started up again?? I was building the courthouse when it stopes working, now it's on the football tasks, it doesn't seem to want to start up the old task again....
  • Finally got my game back today, managed to log on for a few minutes at lunch time. Lost a bit of money and a lot of my stuff isn't where it was when I got kicked off. But now I can't log back in. I get an error message with Bart in the background sayin server not available.... I was so looking forward to get back at it...…
  • Sent in an other email in this morning, 8 days after I first contacted them and this is what I got.... Thank you for contacting us regarding your issue.Please, do not worry. The case has been escalated to one of our Studio Teams. Please be advised that issues like the one you encountered may take some time to resolve, I…
  • To add insult to injury... I just received my App Store receipt for donuts I haven't been able to use... I got kicked out about 10 minutes after I got then and haven't been let back on since.... 5 days now!!!
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