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  • Ah thanks. though i would be something that kind of reset automatically if they fixed the bug. but then i'll contact them and hope they believe me sinec it wa a while ago.
  • I'm actaully still colelctin B&W. I have about.. 10k or so left? im mostly trying to get the donut price down of the rail yard. Let it be known that i was at like 90k and only had the 8th price when the event was over.. :) Rail yard is now 95 donuts for me, but still playing :) hoping to get it down to at least 30 so i can…
  • irst. I am a little happy that we should not update, because this gives me time to get the donut price down on the rail yard for me since i can still collect b&w's :D But ithanks for that info because now i know that i have to kind of hurry up and get the rail yard so im not forced before its too late to buy it.
  • im gonna turn off the auto update then and try my best. think it would be possible to buy the rail yeard with donuts when event is over?
  • what will having the rail yard give me? and what will i nto get if i dont have it? will my mono rail be short and useless or anything else?
  • I know there is a tiny chance of losing items, but all I wanna know is if you think this is a good time to do it. Moving items around will also just a huge mess which is why i wanna nuke. So asking again, good time to nuke or think there will be an event soon? Remodeling will take some time...
  • I lost all my 36 donuts. Didn't mocemove anything to SH from SF but still lost them. Just been putting characters on jobs for coffee phones and furniture. Did they say anything about getting the donuts back?
  • well yeah.. if i only have 20 neigbors, there is a less chance that i get 4-5 donuts than when i have 100 .. :) And i usually clean out and replace my neighbors during event just to like make sure i have active players. i know there are a few on my neighbor list that i am going to delete because they have not been active…
  • This is going to make me sound like a horrible person, but i rarely remember who dropped what in my town and i just go through them as i go. Might have to be nicer and pay more attention during this event and the blobs. The only neighbor i drop more in on purpose is my brothers town.
  • Thanks for you input both of you. And i agree, keeping your list full doesnt make much sense during these event. I guess I only do it because the more neighbors the more donuts i can earn from them... :)
  • That's a bummer that they make it so rare... I'm not a premium player so i wont be buying any. I have some donuts from neighbor collecting and myster box etc but i save those to spend on characters instead.
  • Alright, thanks! I couldn't figure out what to do in other people's towns because I dropped the seeds in one of the neighbors on the top of the leaderboard just ot be sure they're at that point in the event, but that actions stayed at 3/3. Thanks for clearing that up for me :) gonna go through my neighbors and look for…
  • urgh.. im not patient enough haha, and also dont want to spend any money on the game .. :)
  • Already completed all the daily tasks... and 8 hours taks.. ugh hate it haha. shouldnt be allowed to be longer than 4 xD So far i have 1180 spades, waiting for price 2, the fertilizer. only have 100 fertilizer.. How do i get more spades though..?
  • tyupp that would be the first. I just started the event since im on android. Waiting for the vote on cecil task to get done.
  • anyone know how much the Build Monsarno Research building will cost? just purchased a strip of land like 2 days ago -.-
  • Thanks for the input everyone! Gonna keep on saving! Anyone know when level 51 is happening?
  • Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll probaby go ahead with the task then and try to spawn 3 felons when possible.
  • Got a few spots left after deleting some inactive players during this event. Matildawr Level 50, daily player.
  • Saying you're not trying to be rude actally means you are. It's kinda like saying "no offense" because you know it will be. Why even post if you have nothing decent to say? it was just a simple question, and I noticed i only got money after a while. I don't really pay 100% attention when going through neighbors. gladly…
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