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  • "Inevitable". Just in case you want to use it again somewhere.
  • The problem is not with getting the thing to activate - it's that it doesn't actually "hit" the elves. I see some elves, I get the zapper going, but the lightning doesn't do anything to them; they just sit there bathing in electricity for two or three seconds before finally getting zapped. That's dumb; I can tap them much…
  • What? D'oh! Well, given some of the entries in the other thread about what your multiplier is at, I'm pretty sure I'm not alone anyway... :wink:
  • About three days. I could make it in two if I had no job and didn't sleep. :)
  • I get lag assigning jobs and collecting on completed ones. No lag collecting from houses (handshake or not) as far as I have noticed. Just started with the last update. Removing bridges seemed to fix my lag problem when changing roadways.
  • Thanks for the replies. I think I'll pass for now; I'm sure I'll find another item to spend the donuts on...
  • They're everybody's rare item, but that's kind of what you'd expect - chocolate bars are the top of the Halloween food pyramid and you need something to be the limiting item. You also need something to be the cheapie/crappy candy everyone gets stuck with, but I agree the percentages are a little extreme. I'm well over…
  • I'm not sure why you say it can't be solved. Even a full town, bursting with houses, wouldn't take a half hour to tap through. Let's say you start tapping at midnight and it takes you twenty minutes to go through your town to collect everything. With current gameplay, you could sign in at midnight again, but you'd be…
  • I would love a night mode, but that's not a tiny tweak, that's a rather huge amount of graphical work to do, especially if you wants the lights to work properly.
  • I nuked a few months back and had no regrets - nothing missing or anything and I think my town is much better looking. I'm considering another nuke, but the comments by others are correct - in short order your town is going to be a sea of white that's going to make it tough to do a redesign. Also something to keep in mind:…
  • Thanks everyone! The first one of the three actually didn't look too bad at all, but it's definitely less than ideal. I'll go for the hut; if I can fit in another spooky house at the end, so be it, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Thanks again!
  • I feel that this has been a good event - just difficult enough to keep you working, but easy enough if you make the time commitment. I haven't spent any donuts during the event, though I had some premium characters already. To be honest, I don't think getting the better treat bags was much of a bonus anyway since the jobs…
  • Okay, it seems that it's just a coincidence that I haven't found any walls yet. I wouldn't mind a few more of the shrubs; they're pretty neat looking. But I don't need any more of the human specimens. After the event is over, the three I've got could be put near Frink's lab, I guess, but I don't think I'll need any more…
  • I meant anything useful. Most of the threads on here are that guy who hates everything and people griping about not being gifted 30 donuts.
  • No, I still have that.
  • Nope, there's nothing. A real wasted opportunity there as the animation is great.
  • Calling it a coincidence is very charitable of you. We're in the middle of the Halloween event and EA is obviously very well aware of that. So why make 46 tie up someone we're ALL using as often as possible? Pushing out a level during **** made sense because so many of us had the thing wrapped up early, but nobody has…
  • Obviously, opinions vary. I got him back when he was free (2012), but would gladly have paid donuts for him. But that's just me - I love having him perform his 12-hour task, wandering around town purchasing souls for eternal damnation. Particularly funny if you see him in front of the elevator to nowhere, but maybe that's…
  • I believe Mel has only a couple of tasks in that quest line. I'm not sure where I am in the total storyline, but I think he's only done two jobs and nothing was outdoors. It's possible he may come back into it again, but it doesn't seem likely to me.
  • I got Mel some months ago and I wouldn't say I'm disappointed in him or anything, but he's definitely not a top tier premium character to get. On the plus side, the studio is a nice addition and he's got outside tasks, but on the minus side, his "voicing" is pretty rudimentary, his 24-hour task is him wandering around town…
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