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  • Same here. Starting to realize it will be impossible for me to keep up. Started a list when this started, I'm now 50 gifts behind. Just don't have enough to repay everyone. So to all my neighbors I really appreciate the gift bags and don't worry about giving me any more. I will easily make the 30,000 goal for the…
  • I've noticed the same thing. Collected all my gifts from all my accounts last night before I went to bed. Woke up and collected them again. My feeder account seemed to have way more presents and I received 15 gift bags, only 6 on my main account. Feeder account is level 11 with a 2.5 star rating. Main account is level 37…
  • Same here, if I do get logged in it doesn't take very long before I get kicked. I was able to login on my computer with BlueStacks, so maybe just on iOS issue.
  • None fore me but my lucky mother has received 3.
  • Well I had some that weren't even close to the tree. I think they drop some where close to the center of your screen, wherever that may be.
  • I'm not really sure what triggers it to allow you to give presents. Mine just triggered once when I came back to my town from visiting a few friends. Side note it seems that the Present Depot marks your landing zone, so that's nice. Neighbors should remember to try to drop them there so friends don't have to search around…
  • matthask Will tap tile/news/crops/stage until the update comes out, please do the same. Edit: Friends list is full, thanks everyone!
  • Need 5 more daily tappers to fill friends list. Thanks to everyone who has tapped my tile. matthask
  • Still have some room for more friends, just got tile back. Hopefully no more accidental taps, lol. Will return visit by either staggering tile taps or if you have the news/crops/stage by your port, I will tap those as well. matthask
  • Need some daily tappers. Tile, crop and channel 6 news ready for tapping. matthask Also, my mom would appreciate some daily tappers too. Tile ready but crop and news won't be ready for a day. melhask Edit: Was stupid and tapped tile, 3.5 days for new one(should have kept with always having 2 tiles for security). That's on…
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