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  • Christmas Mystery Box: Pageant Stage, Deep Freeze, Praiseland Promo, Mrs. Claus, New God Mr. Burns, Rigellian North Pole, Whiz-Bang Toy Company, Christmas Tree Farm, Reindeer Burger Truck, Holiday Homer, The Parson, The Ghost of Christmas Past, $5 Antler Rental, Snow Bank, Hamburger Heaver, Snowed Inn, Snow Mobile,…
  • The answer is yes and no. Black Friday offers are usually great ways to catch up on what you have missed if you are either new or just coming back. The Christmas holiday will inevitably offer SOME, but not all, past Christmas characters, buildings and decors in addition to the new. You’ll see the same for Valentine’s, 4th…
  • Good news - have 80% of the list already. Truth is I’m probably just being sulky for no good reason. I’ve only used 20 tokens so far and I’m already Re-working my town. It’ll be fine. No real complaints, just the collector in me who wants it all.
  • Maybe I didn’t make my point well. I’m totally happy getting what I can with my remaining tokens, I’m just surprised you can only get tokens one time per individual donut buy. That seems limiting by EA is all. But it’s fine, I’ll get what I can and be content.
  • I’m deeply confused. OK, know there are 90 things in the gold box for me to get. So need 90 tokens. Spend 50 to get 60 token with the Black Friday unlocks, then buy as needed if I want to make up the difference. Except... you only get tokens for the first donut buy, not after. So mathematically, unless I overspend and get…
  • Ick. Over 90 items in the box and only two or three (New Bedlam w/Leon, Canadian Border w/Emancipation Marge) that I really want. Suffice to say, my odds manage to both suck and blow at the same time. But it’s OK. Do my best, be responsible and be happy with what I do get.
  • I gotta say it... “OH MY GOD!!! Kamampoline! Tramampoline!” Love that episode and tickled to have the reference in game.
  • Dandy! Nice to know what can interact with Bully-Vern! Only problem now is what do you do if you don’t have any of the interactable characters? I don’t as I’m behind and it’s kind of frustrating having a character that does nothing.
  • *grumbles* Still St. Peter’s, dammit. Yes, I’m buying, just saying.
  • Is my sense of humor too macabre that I put Death Mountain from the Superheoes event above Pompeii? I dunno, just struck me as ironic.
  • Patience, still early in the day and West Coast is still getting up. If it’s not up by 2 PM Eastern, then light the torches. Personally, no pun intended, I’m more hot for Pompeii tomorrow. EDIT: It’s up. 60 donuts in the Springfield Jobs section.
  • They are doing both. St. Paul’s for London, St. Peter’s for Rome. The problem is they goofed and BOTH are St. Paul’s, hence confusion.
  • Just about at the limit of my patience now. Ever since Bart Royale ended, every time I launch the game, it requires me to download a patch (usually a half hour) and log into the game. Every. Single. Time. How many patches does the game require and how is anyone supposed to be motivated to play a game that can’t stay…
  • Expansion and clean up. My town is almost done with a remodel, buying land mostly weekly and picking up stuff as I go to add. The Valentines Day reissue will add a LOT if I pick up everything. Anyway, slowly getting there.
  • Your misfortune. In any case, very obviously, I saw what I wanted to see, that’s all.
  • More likely different gaming audiences. No offense, but not a huge fan base crossover between TSTO and LiS.
  • Disappointed that I wasn’t able to do Homer the Heretic or Rommelwood, but hey, two mini events that I missed before is not bad. And hey, next time it unlocks, I’m that much further along.
  • MUCH bigger than expected is my sole complaint. Already plotting it connecting to SNPP, just like the show.
  • The Mystery Box is, so far, all Spy or Flashback content since I already have Stonecutters stuff. Advil, President Lisa, Bont with the Laser Table, Femme Fatale, etc. it’s great stuff! But 60 a pop, plus all the new content? My wallet is already whimpering from catch up from Christmas!
  • My town is a mess. Decided to use my three day weekend, the map and the show to remodel. It’s... well, a work in progress. I’m working to acquire more land and am making plans, but the core idea is there. And of course, more goodies coming tomorrow so I get to start all over!
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