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  • I like these mini events, but I also wish some of the gameplay introduced would stay around after the mini event. The idea of having buildings go on fire, then have to be put out is kind of fun. Maybe annoying? But it reminds me of Sim City a bit. Now that I've completed the event, no more random house fires. :(
  • When is UBO coming out again? I missed getting that skin last year.
  • I'm hoping at some point the Mr. Burns costume for him as the "alien" from last year is released for donuts. I missed that prize last year. Glad to see the donut chair is available. Will be purchasing that.
  • I got the lake after playing SH for a few evenings. It's just too time consuming. It takes a lot of hours to get a lot of resources, and then you really only gain 15 million or so... I wish the developers would re-think this area, and reduce how much effort it takes because it's just too much.
  • I can't be the only one who kinda hopes they return to Zombies at some point? That was my favourite Halloween event. Squishing them was fun.
  • Considering the Octoberfest update just started, I think the Halloween update is coming next week. I think Octoberfest is just to tie everyone over. And of course there will be a Halloween update. Don't listen to that other user, they are wrong.
  • I've been playing since the start and I've never seen this, but that's because I've always been max level until this update. I'm literally 3000 xp from 58. First time that's ever happened.
  • Plato Casino is available for 175 donuts, it has a label underneath that says "Early Access" and a count down. Not sure what that means - will he be available for free in 14 days? Or is he a Halloween prize? It doesn't say much about what "Early Access" actually means.
  • Are level updates rumoured to be ending though? How would the game progress after that point, only events?
  • Content aside, I would love to see Zombies return. I loved that Halloween event. Perhaps even a return to the same unlocking prize mechanism that we used to see as opposed to this unlock 10 things to get 1 great prize structure. But mostly, I want to squish Zombies again!
  • Long time player, since the race car giveaway about 4 years ago looking to add some friends. Please add me if you are a daily player, and are serious about continuing playing long term. I don't like seeing abandoned Springfields, it makes me sad. Nice looking Springfields encouraged. Add me - mcorway
  • I kind of like that the Solid Gold Mansion will only appear in some towns because of the price. It's going to be a very rare item... I only hope that Chester has a task with it.
  • Wouldn't it have to be the ghost of Pinchy though?
    in Pinchy Reply by mcorway May 2014
  • Without discussion, there would never be changed. Don't be complacent, especially when events were better before. EA are changing things and need to be told we don't like them. The complaints have merit despite what you may think. The fact there are so many only strengthens the entire point that their new event model is…
  • My major complaint with the Easter event is that it's frustrating and annoying. You get 500 gold eggs, then you spin the wheel and end up with 250 pink eggs... what? I just had a plethora of pink eggs, that I used to get gold eggs and I won less than I had to get gold eggs. You feel like you've wasted your time.
  • Does Hugs Bunny have tasks?
  • Blue and Pink. Shary and Hugs Bunny elude me in the Gold box. Yes, I spent donuts.
  • I think the developers did a great job creating some awesome content for the Easter event but I do agree with the general consensus that it is too hard. I'm doing quite well, but I put some donuts into the event. My mom plays this game casually, and she hasn't won anything. I think it's a bit too hard and leaves casual…
  • Nice job getting Shary Bobbins. She is one character I've wanted and she keeps eluding me! I've got a fair share of prizes already from Easter, so I cannot complain and I will keep trying to get her. Hugs Bunny, Egg Man and Shary do not want to be in my town!
  • Blocko is a great prize, it looks wonderful next to the Springfield Mall. Colourful! I didn't know Chalmers had a task there.
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