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  • Haha, the people in the show :lol:
    in PLL Reply by mec06 March 2015
  • :lol: :lol: :lol: @neo
    in PLL Reply by mec06 March 2015
  • Haha well if you need a PLL fan to vent your frustrations / passion / theories too then I'm your girl :lol: Neo the lies and twists are epic. Mr Dalts likes it, he won't admit to it in public, but he does.
    in PLL Reply by mec06 March 2015
  • A couple of guns, at least 1 explosion and if lying is a superpower then yes, there are superpowers! :D
    in PLL Reply by mec06 March 2015
  • Certain other things?
  • Haha yep, I hear ya, I told myself I'd never be back on here, but alas here I am!
  • You should watch it Neo, I bet it would be right up your alley, haha :lol: To sum it up: pretty girls who keep lots of secrets and tell too many liars being bullied anonymously with thier secrets & lies being used against them.. After 5 seasons the mystery of 'A' is still a mystery.
    in PLL Reply by mec06 March 2015
  • Yeah that or you just post a lot.. & quickly... Hehe :lol:
  • Hahaha, poor guy!! That's rough :lol: any reason for the change? Yeah I've worked pretty hard, haha, haven't taken a big holiday since my honeymoon, lol, the kid let is turning 5, so it's a celebratory event for him that just happens to be awesome for MW & me as well, hehehe
  • Glad to have a familiar name to recognise! I did wonder what happened to you post count! Lol. The last time I was on here Neo has only just gotten to 15000 posts! Lol Life is good, working heaps, studying not as much a I should be, planning an epic holiday with the husband and child, and generally just being awesome.. It's…
  • It's a field that's currently ruining my life, haha and taking away all my precious free time where I can do activities and tap guilt free, haha! Are you studying?
  • Hey! Yes, far too long, I should come on more, I'd probably recognise more names if I did, lol.
  • Afternoon Elian @rosesgirl - business (economics & management)... I procrastinate far too much
  • Since when does he behave???????????????
  • Yeah I gave up tapping cold turkey after it became a bit too addictive... Haha.. I decided to blow up my Springfield and start again at the beggining of the week though!
  • Hello! Yes I am :-) I thought I'd pop on here to say hi while I wait for him to get home from work, lol.... Also I'm procrastinating from study.. Hehe
  • Neo!! Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D what's happening?
  • Holla! Haven't been on here in forever to say hi... Hi!! Not really a good morning from me given that's it's nighttime in Aust, but anyways :D
  • Haha yes someone has to support the donut buying :lol: it's nice to check in here occasionally :)
  • He decided it was ok that I come out of the basement for awhile, jokes. Yes, it has been awhile, I've been busy becoming a workaholic and moving up the corporate ladder whilst juggling everything else... Also it's probably best our household only has one TSTO obsessed person otherwise nothing would ever get done . :mrgreen:

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