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  • omg :D you guys made my morning! Also: - "How long until you start removing friends?" (after two days of event) - "What strategy is everyone using because I am NOT going to make it doing it like this!" (Exactly how they tell you to do it, some one will then inevitably give same advice, poster will be soooo happy that it…
  • You missed: You could've at least given us some more land to play around with while we wait incessantly for whatever 'event' is coming which I will obviously hate within seconds! Otherwise, I think it's pretty good, Lol :D
  • I just logged in and lost billions today.. nothing having to do with Bonuts though. Logged in about 2 hours ago and had about 4 billion, logged in right now and have 300K. Edit: This was after relieving Cecil after his $10M job.
  • I usually have the sound off unless it's halloween.. for some reason, those ones are the best to me!
  • 2012.. I was definitely around for Halloween, sometime in the summer I think. I'm at level 260 and haven't ever farmed really, just plugging away all Freemium like!
  • 6,000 left to get and I've got a neighbor visit and 2 digging sessions left today. bleh.. another Act I didn't finish. I feel so ashamed.. :tongue:
  • Cuz Becky has the good hair.. you just don't doubt Beyonce, people.
  • Tried it once, got the Radstation Air Fortress and gave up.. lol. It's so ugly, it's in it's own time out in an undeveloped corner of my town. I just wanted the Seeing Eye.. WHY EA? WHY? WHY can't you read my mind and give me what I want first?!?! :P
  • Mastermind Bundle Costs 160/Bonus 40, Film Set Cost 120/Bonus 40, Coliseum Cost 190/Bonus 50, Beer N Brawl Cost 140/Bonus 30
  • Yes it seems to be a recurring theme around the board. Most people have only crafted the flower and bus shelter, and some have gotten a daily task that has allowed us to get the mailbox too. I'm nowhere near getting a second of any of those yet.
  • 38 is my highest.. I've tried to do the multiple finger tapping and it's only given me an average of 29.. In the distance I hear: "I'm sorry, your fingers are too fat.." My normal one-finger-tapping gives me 34-38.
  • My only hope is that one day, they'll allow us to put the themed event buildings and decorations there (for example Easter, Christmas, Superhero, etc). The stuff that wouldn't normally be seen in Springfield daily. They could easily create rides for us to include in these themed areas (a la Disneyland) but put a…
  • I just did my remaining 30 and got 2 donuts out of it.. and I had lost all hope with the space shuttle.. NO MORE! FLY OR BURN! :P
  • I feel like I am the only one (at least on the forums) that didn't use the collider, didn't buy anything, and have a 1M XP to go to level 61! I haven't been locked out and I have 2 hours til the googoplex completes. :shock: eats popcorn, watches the Tapped Out Forum Tennis Match of May 2016 :shock:
  • I'm losing money when I tap on completed tasks. I had sent everyone on a 12 hour task yesterday and went from $3.71M to $3.65M. Then this morning I was collecting from a four hour task and went down to $3.50M. Yes, I've gone to Krustland. It has been only since the take-down update. Anyone else?
  • I'm also losing money but it's like hundreds of thousands. I use the employment office but that should deduct only a couple thousand. After a 12 hour job for all I went from $3.71M to $3.65M. I just went in to collect after a four hour task and it is now $3.50M. I took a screenshot and sent everyone on a four hour. We'll…
  • Instead of donuts (I know, I know, I'm a Freemium player and I know what I just said), why not have a week long challenge to build something that was unique and missed in past events (buildings/people/skins). If you already have it, you don't do the tasks. If you don't have it then you can have some glimmer of hope that…
  • I'm actually glad that the bunnies, zombies, skeletons and snakes don't change through the acts. I have everything from Act 1 from last year and have bought whatever was new this year. Now I can save up for the things I didn't get and all the new stuff without grinding so hard to find resources!
  • I usually drop maybe 2-3 per town until I get to the bottom chunk of my neighbor list because I know they don't fill up ever so I give them more. The top half at least are either full or can only drop a few anyways. Being an "m" name, I doubt I get 10 a day despite clearing every four or so hours.
  • Placed the station where I had the most room then I am placing the tracks essentially where I want them however it's not going to be pretty until the event is over when I actually move things around it to accommodate it properly. I have a hard time accepting the "Chicago Track" and placing it in the streets! :)
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