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  • I hate to jump on the land bandwagon, but I am going too. With all of the huge buildings you haven given us lately, everything that has required huge setups, I am way out of land and have been for a while now. I want my Springfield to look nice and not just be a jumble of buildings. I know other people are saying the same…
  • I am not seeing the super collider as a package deal anywhere... can you tell me what menu you are seeing it in? I check premiums and all those, but don't see it.
  • I would agree with their being a standard if they had done the same thing two years in a row of releasing new items and then not the third year and it being old re-released items. They created an expectation that there would be new items again this year, but they decided not too. That said I will agree that they should…
  • They changed the pay out timer on the Cool Brown house... it used to be every 4 hours I thought and now it is 5 min.... unless I am totally miss remembering.
  • A "yard sale" though usually is selling of old items that you are trying to get rid of, usually at cheap prices, but it is a time to house clean and make old stuff available to others. Last year a lot of people complained that they were not able to get stuff that had been released before. So it is kind of a no win for EA…
  • I really would like the Supercollider and the black hole... those are the last two things I need, but I would also like another of the limo that moe can ride around in. Looks good in front of the big houses.
  • I was really hoping that the supercollider and black hole, maybe a bundle with them both, were going to be part of this. It seemed like a perfect time with everything else they re-released, but sadly no. At least I got my CBH and cool homer.
  • I was really happy to get the Mayan Bundle and Cool Brown house because I missed both of those. I only wish that the Supercollider and Black hole would have been available as well. I am a little sad those were not in there, but thrilled with everything else.
  • I got the Cool Brown House and the Mayan Bundle.... I was so happy to see those. The only thing that would have made it perfect was if the Supercollider and black hole had been in there. Those are the last two things I need that I dont have. I am thrilled though to get the Mayan stuff and CBH.
  • Thanks for the replies everyone... to those that have asked... I did try and store it the night before last and then placed it back on the map and it still gave me pink eggs instead of blue ones. As for the Mrk II vs Mrk I... both of my Mrk I's gave me pink eggs and my Mrk II gave me pink eggs so it is a little frustrating…
  • Agreed... I would love to see these items come back: Homer in Mayan Costume Mayan God Mayan Calendar/coin/artifact thing Cool Brown house with Cool homer Springfield Subatomic Supercollider Black Hole That is all I need and I think I will have everything that has been released so far. I know my buddy would love to see the…
  • This would be a really though one for me.... it would all depend on how they had it setup because this is what I have left that I need: Homer in Mayan Costume Mayan God Mayan Calendar/coin/artifact thing Cool Brown house with Cool homer Springfield Subatomic Supercollider Black Hole So if they buddled things together I…
  • I read the spoiler and I will not say what it is, but I was really hoping for a football stadium instead of what is coming out.... but I know some people did not get it before so it will work out. At least I got the duff racer out of this. lol ;)
  • The racer was totally the right way to go... I missed it the first time it came out and have been hoping it would come back some day. Limited time items are always the first thing I get because who knows if they will ever come back again. As for the question of how long it might be available... my guess is Sunday or…
  • This is awesome... I totally missed it... I wish I could do it with stop signs, street lights, trash cans, garbage bin, and the newspaper dispenser as well, but this is a great start.
  • I never said I was expecting him to change my life.... no where in my message did I even imply that. I am just frustrated, especially for a paid doughnut character, that the bulk of his tasks are repeats that so many other characters have. We did not need another person that had the same repeats, especially when you have…
  • I can understand that, but there has not been a Gil deal that has not been for them if I can remember. It is time to reward the existing doughnut spenders and it might get some noobs as well. I think a great Gil Black Friday deal would be a Gil icon on the task bar next to the build icon and such, with all of the limited…
  • I am frankly a little annoyed with yet another Gil offering of the Springfield sign, Duff Brewery, or something like that... I already have those items. I have for almost a year now... I feel like I have been penalized because I got them at full price. I have missed some items though... If they really want to do a Gil…
  • Well now that they re-released the balloons it looks like my list has shrunk to this: Homer in Mayan Costume Mayan God Mayan Calendar/coin/artifact thing Cool Brown house with Cool homer Duff red racecar Springfield Subatomic Supercollider Black Hole Christmas Decorations for the buildings I missed Come on Gil... give me…
  • I just had it happen again too.... started to download, crashed, then I got back in the game again.... kinda strange.
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