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  • People are way too impatient with this game...how do you expect it to last in the long run if you want everything all at once?
  • Oh! I am so glad I saw this, I need to buy the Sign, Tire Yard and Observatory, so glad the last two will be in a deal together so I can hold off on them for now. Thanks so much for the tips! :)
  • To be honest, I dont want anymore time limited holiday things cause they start to look so odd in your town after said holiday. I do hope for the following: 1. An option to mass select characters to give them the same hourly jobs / and also able to locate each character and see what he or she is doing 2. More color homes 3.…
  • ^ Most likely during the day of the 28th (in EST it is always at around 7:00 for me when an update is available) so get what you can on the 27th just to be on the safe side
  • I really wish they would give some of the characters more voices. Especially Ned, Mel and Marge. All Mel and Marge do is "ah" and "oh" and all Ned says for every freaking task is "Gasp! Oh no!" for freaking bible study? Seriously? And I kind of wish Lisa would stop saying "Bart?" I mean, I unlocked Bart what you saying his…
  • Youre right. I have the same "not able to play" problems consistently with The Sims. Since EA joined Origin, I think they are just making a name for themselves in the Worst Video Game Company In The History Of Video Games. I so badly want TSTO and The Sims to change companies, I am so tired of EA and their ****.
  • Sigh I am getting really tired of this **** now I am about to call iTunes and ask for all the money back from this game cause EA can never get their **** together and allow a game to work perfectly. Its just so hard for them to have something perfect.
  • Great now I can join the rest of you in being unable to play my game...I had no problem at all with Wiggum and El Chemistri and even leveled up past Level 26 ever since then I have had this stupid harp bug and cant get in my game anymore...really nice EA...you sure know how to make your games come with the utmost annoying…
  • Hey everyone please add my sister, she does not have many friends and wants to get all the V-Day things in time: tramos0116 I would say add me too but I have enough friends lol sorry :(
  • 1- The fact that is is incredibly annoying to locate all the characters 2- The amount of tapping you actually have to do (when somebody finishes a task, collecting their money, then trying to get to them before they run to the other side of town or before you hit another character who is finished) 3- The fact that when you…
  • I think a Alice In Wonderland or Super Mario type of game would be great. :)
  • Ok thanks for all the tips guys I really appreciate it. :) I think I am going to wait till the 26 to buy her, better safe then sorry and I do want to see/read the story that comes along with her.
  • Do you think if I wait till February 27 that would be too close to the end date? I am worried that I will get an ingame update that will make her disappear...
  • ^ **** much? :lol: I think Ralph is adorable, I love his quotes lol and the house is quite nice too (I like the animation it gets when you do a task inside). But I do tend to lose him cause he seems so much tinier than the other children (the only other child I always lose sight of is Martin) they just look smaller I guess?
  • I want to do this too but I think I will wait until we get the Kamp Krusty things, however I am killing myself now for only keeping two reindeer of the 8 that I received from the mystery stockings... :x
  • Thats a shame. I wish they wont bother with making animations if they are not going to do anything else with a building except for one task. :(
  • I am sorry but be as it may that EA does give pretty great games (as for me, I am very much obsessed and addicted to both TSTO and The Sims franchise) I find myself incredibly annoyed with the majority of both. Not so much with TSTO (but as we all know, the issues that come with it so I wont bother to list them again) but…
  • Darn it! Now I have to wait an entire day! :cry: Thanks for the tip! I really dont like Quimby, especially when he does that over-exaggerated "Yay!" so I always put him on 24 hour tasks. :evil:
  • I loved this building when it was on the show, so happy about it being in the game now! All I got to do is find a proper place to put it. :)
  • I swear to god EA can never get their sugar-honey-iced-tea together...

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