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  • It worked! Thanks!
  • https://discord.me/WikiSimpsons This link.
  • I played itchy and scratchy land, but when I had to rollback to get my town back to normal due to the glitch, I lost it. The others sound familiar, but cannot be certain. When I got my town back, I was able to get the Golden Goose Realty just barely when it was out. I remember having to go back to before Christmas on items…
  • I get the same error where it says invite has expired. When I click the link from LPNintendoITA signature, it says error 404. Thanks! Discord name: mlavanway #6786
  • I think I had to reset to Thanksgiving 2018 or sooner which is why I believe it has been such a long time. I lost itchy and scratchy land and all the stuff around that time. I was able to get the Sky Finger and GGR.
  • Thanks for letting me know this dreaded glitch just won't ever go away!
  • I thought it was the end of 2018 when I stopped playing but maybe I was mistaken. It feels like it has been forever and I know the glitch stuff was happening around that time so that was my guess.
  • I do have the golden goose realty actually! Doesn't sound like I missed a lot. I have lots of cash so missing God isn't a big deal.
  • Yes I did. I just realized that the task can be completed from zero now. I thought it would remove that task from the task book since the event has ended
  • I had this happen last December. I kept holding out until a week ago and got a rollback and everything works now. I talked with an American guy and he says they will not do individual fixes (the bugged variable thing) because they simply don't want to. It's either rollback or template town. They will not restore any lost…
  • Yes I agree! this morning through email I was told my original town was lost but when I called they were able to restore my original Town within minutes! I believe if I call and I am nice I can get them to maybe fix the bug variables which they actually have done for me a long time ago when this first started but then the…
  • Good news is they were able to restore my original town 21 it was a few days ago when it was actually working! however none of the issues of sticks obviously but I have my original Town back and did not lose 6 years of progress but stuff like the character icon does not work still. I think I will manage for now and maybe…
  • I did contact them already and they said they could not do it but I am going to call when I think I might get a good representative this morning but I was just wondering if it was possible because they told me it was not but I do not believe what they say usually.
  • Is it possible to get my original town back after they give me a template town without my permission?
  • They gave me a template town without asking. Is it possible to get my original one back or am i done with this game after 6 years....
  • Yes I am! They wanted to take me back 6 months!
  • I used to be the one that logged in almost every hour or two to play! However I have received the same email and same offer as everyone else and rejected both. I am thinking I am getting close to quitting this game. I now only play maybe one to two times a day now.
  • This fixed it for me! I haven't received notifications for a long time (I think since Oreo came out on Android).
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