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  • Casual player, level 41, need friends for Halloween! This is my daughter's account and to be honest she doesn't play daily but I take over her town during special events and I'm trying to help her get UBO but she has no neighbors. Have over 200 treat bags saved up and expecting to have lots of gremlins ready for a few…
  • My game seems to be lag free now. I don't know if this did it, but I managed to collect from all my buildings and tasks and now all characters are at their leisure except Hoover and Cocoa Beanie, Hugs and Homer, Bobbins, and Crazy Cat Lady. I didn't notice whether there was an in-game update. iPhone 4s iOS 7.1.1 Level 40
  • I'm having the same lag issue as everyone else and crashing when i visit certain neighbors. The game worked well until the update. I sent an email to support just to make sure the problem is documented. I play my town on the 4S and my daughter has a town on the mini. Both are lagging even though her town is a sparse level…
  • I didn't get any donuts the first week after I reached level 6 but I got 4 this week, and I only have about 30 neighbors. One today, two yesterday, and one the day before that. I got them by tapping Barney's Bowlarama, Try n Save, Java Server, and a squidport tile. :)
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