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  • Cool. So EA won't know that I've hoarded? I can just keep a single square unbought?
  • Only 200 wands - I stupidly didn't switch them because I didn't know you could get 600. I got over-excited.
  • Good to know I'm not the only one then. Hopefully it pays off. I never know when work/life gets hectic so like to stay ahead of the game. I was saving them even before the event ;)
  • Forced update on my android but I haven't bought the new land yet - they might have fixed that bug.
  • I'm bumping this thread cos that other thread was at the top. Some people have to get some perspective and realize there are worse things in life then spoilers to a game that you don't even have to pay for. More kudos for il signor Nintendo. Come on people, let's make him really feel the love. ;)
  • Really love your work LPN - for me, you make the game much more enjoyable. :)
  • OMG those eggs!! Good times. Crazy but good times.
  • Boo hiss boo EA :( What is wrong with you?! First you change the timer to 20 mins now this. I was saving those for the next event and they could have just made them less profitable in Act 2 which would have been my gamble but others are missing out. And the ticket timer fiasco still grinds my gears. You are encouraged to…
  • @Willy9292 Thanks for the reply. I managed the math in the end. It's just been a long couple of weeks and my brain is frazzled. I was surprised the Skycredit amount went from 1000 to 750 then 1000 over a few levels; I thought it would just go up. I'm not going to worry regardless - every event people panic (including me)…
  • I only need 30 to level up. Let me explain: I was on level 3 and only needed 80 to level up but I decided to get another lavender field for 800. I then leveled up and it now shows I have 720/750. I can't wrap my head around this :s
  • @LPNintendoITA Thanks so much for all the work you put in. Your posts have always made this game far more enjoyable! :) Are the figures at the bottom how much you need to level up because my level 4 say I just need 750. Glitch?
  • Alexandria also had the Great Library :)
  • I think they just mean exit the game completely - don't have it running in the background. Best way is to go through settings, app manager and close the TSTO app or restart your device. And I have Android on Samsung and I've had everything happen and nothing helps. It's just roulette. I cross my fingers when I go into…
  • Hey there neighboureeno, does it help to exit your game completely or restart your device? After I send my five on flights the timer disappears like some have said but I still get the tickets. There seem to be too many problems. Everyone, should I change the title of this thread to something EA might notice? Like: EA fix…
  • Don't get why lavender needs to be on the yellow dirt - where I live it grows on rocky moorland. I suppose when in France... Still nice to have some different veg. I'm hoping because it's so pricey it might have a multiplier after the event. Later on they will try selling it for donuts me thinks.
  • Ugh. I so hoped I would wake up this morning and they would have fixed this and given us 200 free donuts for our suffering and stress and buttplugs. At the moment I can send three people out then the timer sets to 2mins (mini-yay) for the next ticket but then goes back to 20mins for the last one. I just wish an event can…
  • No, this happened to me. Just exit the game. Close it all down and then go back. I had no tickets but the timer reset and started again.
  • I wanted to say that too. What if you want to say Maggie sucks her pacifier? What just happened? Anyhoo, I didn't exit my game, came back an hour or so later and I had no tickets (I was counting down when I left it though) AND it said 0s so it wasn't even working on it. Exited and now it's starting again but still with no…
  • Time well spent then ;) Mine not only walked straight through the cloud but then turned around and walked past it on the other side of the pavement. I only have to look at a snotty person and my immune system surrenders.
  • I thought I was going crazy. Had to double check. They either sneaked it in or there was a limit to the amount of people we could send before it got upped. This morning I had 15 people flying at one point. And to correct: my first one was 15mins, now they are all at 20mins. Totally agree. This sucks. It also makes it…

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