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  • I was thinking about this and I followed my flu cloud. Eventually I saw a tourist walk straight through it and he did not get infected. I had only had one sick tourist today but there may be a limit? Maybe every 4 hours or something?
  • Same here. I restarted my tablet, cleared cache, changed password but still it tells me my login can't be 'processed'. This is so annoying cos I tried to do 4 X 4 hrs today and now I'd have to stay up way late :/ First world problems...
  • Since the windmills from eons ago now have a multiplier I might get more of the higher priced decorations like haunted stables and ruins. They might become premium one day.
  • 'Member when every 5th thread was 'add me!'? 'Member the harp? 'Member swapping eggs into the night but ea had pushed the end date of the event and hadn't told anyone?
  • I'd also look at the tasks they do. If you like outdoor tasks and set your people on 24 hour tasks daily you might prefer the characters that have visuals.
  • When Death comes to me I shall say: not today. ;)
  • Yep. What the heck can you do with a couch?! Might stick it in my garbage area - someone might want a free couch. They couldn't have thought of a better deco item? Really?? Love Ace. Only reason I'm here :D shikaka
  • I use this site a lot to get info and have tried to enjoy the new format but I just can't get into it :( It feels too cold and clinical compared to the old and I liked the yellow - I knew what site I was on! This is too much like getting windows 10 after having windows 7.
  • Well. I'm up to 8 monsters now. 10 does seem like a reasonable number but does a message come up? Good idea to keep the 2x monsters though! I'm hoarding obels since they probably definitely carry over and I got film next - just hope they don't change the mag. Bring on Act 2. I'm so looking forward to the last prize!
  • Don't know if this has been asked yet but is anyone hoarding their monsters? I think I read somewhere we can have up to 40!? Would it help to accumulate them for tomorrow to get a head start or will there be new monsters? :/ I'm already saving my daily challenges just in case. Anyone else doing some preping?
  • Why not at the start of an event someone starts a PM thread and then anyone who wants to know if there's FC during the event will get a PM if they put their name on the list even if there is nothing to start with. It will take dedicated people to PM all but if an impromptu PM thread starts mid-event EA will always think…
  • Well why not... can I have a PM please? Not that I can play at the mo :evil: :roll: Thanks.
  • Didn't know there was an app for that. I don't know why I'm surprised; there is an app for everything nowadays. Will have to check them out. Does being this paranoid make me sad?! And then I see this - Using that much abroad would cost a fortune!!
  • Ha!! I'm sure EA have our best interests at heart! :lol: I have their best interests at heart and don't overload their servers with my credit card details. The closest to a kid who can use an ipad better than me in my life is my 3 year old nephew and that is NOT happening. I like my donuts just where they are! Vacation…
  • Thanks. I didn't think it would be too bad since many people play on their phones. As for WiFi - there's not much of it free where I'm going and it will be a family thing so I would be able to go out and hunt that elusive creature. Thanks again LP and I have to say the work you put into keeping us up to date is amazing!
  • I can't believe this thread is still going!! :lol: I'm looking forward to the sequel: Fajitas
    in RANT Reply by mmmmdonuts0 June 2015
  • Hello neighbour :D Just had to say I'm glad you don't mind me vandalizing. I don't either but I'm sorry if my buildings are too far apart - one day I will nuke and maybe do things differently but I probably won't put Moe's next to the school! I can't believe this is such a touchy subject! It's part of the game play and you…
    in RANT Reply by mmmmdonuts0 June 2015
  • Yep. I've looked everywhere. Through separate categories to the whole shebang. Closed the game. Cleared cache. Nothin'. :( At least everything I crafted is still there. EDIT: You know I just got what you meant by checking the main bit and you were right!! My bad. :oops: And can I say this forum is awesome!
  • Can you tap the thumb/hand quickly? I've hand people disappear between buildings whilst on tasks but then the hand appears, tap and they return. What was he doing in the sea?? Maybe if you put some boardwalk there? :(

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