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  • Hello fluffling, my new neighboureeno :mrgreen: I've done it by accident but sent the gremlins in too. I also send the gremlins in if I tap none-hauntable buildings - it's just too ingrained not to tap everything in sight! I do wonder if some of my neighbours do it to me...
  • That's it?? :( I had high expectations...at least more decorations...
  • Good morning loosers :)
  • Oh no you don't. At last we have a thread that is pretty much sticking to the original post :lol:
  • Sticks and stones may break my bones but gifs will never hurt me :mrgreen: This is exactly how Neo got herpes...
  • I have the perfect solution to this thread - everyone who has participated has won because they all were last at one point :D ...except Neo who has herpes...
  • I don't think there would be an update with all this server mess happening. Fingers crossed - maybe they are loading Krustyland!?!
  • What about WD? I was right on the edge the last few hours swapping the last few necessary eggs and it kept throwing me out of the game! I would have been bummed for myself but I promised eggs :(
  • I'm in the North UK and it's just been on and off for me. It's off right now so I'm hanging out here. They will work out the kinks eventually. You can't expect too much from monkeys. It would be nice if they had given some warning though. Anyhoo, it's going to be slow for a while until the dust settles...
  • Bring it :mrgreen: I'm on holiday - I've got all day...
  • They are precious! It just reminded me of an awful newspaper story a while back about a turtle getting killed on a golf course with golf clubs by some a-holes. She was in the sand laying eggs.
  • That's not funny anymore :( I've just taken time of to chillax, have me time and some good TSTO time for a few days and they've decided to mess it up. What am I supposed to do? Read a book? I think my favourite moment has to be first thing in the morning when everyone has finished all their quest and tons of buildings need…
  • Loosing again Neo :lol:
  • You're safe - I'm back on! My precious baby is fine! Thanks for the advice :D Was just worried since a neighbour lost access to his town weeks ago and they haven't fixed it yet. Imagine missing stuff... :(
  • Right. It was the origin going off that threw me out of the game but I'm gonna try Play. If I loose my game I will find you... :wink: :D
  • I have a problem now with all this messing around with origin. I've tried to log into my main town and it tells me my other device didn't save my springfield and I should log in through that device to continue playing...I don't have another device!!!! :evil: It gives me two options OK or Play now. What do I do??? I have a…
  • Thanks for that - I was actually thinking I don't need 16GB, what would I do with it etc etc, and completely forgot app size!! Will definitly keep what you said in mind! I don't need a new phone at the moment so that idea is out but I didn't know they did that. I probably will splash out on an Nexus or Samsung it's just…
  • Interesting. I don't know if I would pay £160 for a 7 inch without front facing though. A nexus appears to be a clear favourite. The only reason I wanted a 10" is because my mum might use it and find it easier and she might want to add a keyboard too. I still don't know if going for a big brand is necessary - if I did go…
  • Just heard on the radio this morning - a guy was stuck in awful traffic but realized he forgot his wallet so did a U-turn and took some side streets and got home where he realized 4 cars had followed him. Idiots.
  • So what can you do in 24 hours...? :?

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