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  • I'm hoping we get a bug fixing patch. I haven't been able to whack snakes in friends towns for three days because the baton-mode button is no longer available when I visit other towns.
  • I don't think it's a bait n switch. I think it's just sloppy software coding -again. Remember, this is the game that was so buggy when first released that EA had to pull it off iTunes for several months just to clean it up. I'm guessing this bug resets some kind of "flag" in the player's profile that tells the game that…
  • Update just released (with 12 measley donuts). Issue is still not fixed. No baton icon when visiting friends' towns. Very disappointed in EA
  • @rubrush - does the elite license fix your problem? I hate to buy it, but I have no confidence that EA will fix this issue in a timely manner. (And I really want the motel ) It's clear that the game is behaving as if we never achieved the regular license - like something in our snake-collecting profile got reset. Seems to…
  • You can set the game to turn this notification on or off. Disappointed to find that mine was off until I went in and changed it to "ask first." With the new update they also finally gave us the ability to put people/creatures in storage. I finally am free of the burns monster and Krusty doll wandering my town endlessly! M.
  • This bug hit me today. I had over 5000 snakes and was ready to hit 5500 today. Now I'm dead in the water. After reading these posts and seeing how long people are waiting for a fix, I'm extremely worried that I'll never get the hotel. My problem may have happened soon after I assigned Homer to the first quest at the…
  • I think it's a good thing. I speculate that people at the front of the alphabet were getting more visits from friends. So to equalize things, EA randomized the friends people see.
  • Yep. I thought of that right after I posted. It went straight into my storage. Thanks for your response!
  • You'll get that message if the person that sent you the friend request is now maxed out at 100.... even if you have less than 100.
  • Mmreed11 Benja117 We're both level 27, and play several times a day
  • Setting aside punctuation concerns, I agree. It would be nice to have additional colored houses to add variety to our towns. I'd even settle for colored skins that could be applied to the existing houses. I would really like to see yellow, green and light blue. (You always see yellow houses in the TV show) And I want…
  • I believe that you get the "oops" message when the person that sent you the request is already at 100 friends. Even though you may not be, the game can't connect you as thenother person is already maxed out. I'm having a different problem. I have 186 friend rquests, but they won't load up in the origin tool. I can't see…
  • No difference for me. Still drops out every couple minutes. I also still can't see any friend requests that people have sent me in the Origin tool. I have 185 outstanding invitations (which may be why they're not loading up) but they never load up so I can't accept or decline them.
  • For over a week now, I have been unable to see friend invitations on the Origin invitation tab. All other tabs load and display! But the Invitations tab gets stuck on the loading screen. It doesn't lock up, but the names of invitations people have sent me never appears. By logging out of Origin and logging back in, I can…
  • I got him too! I love him! He says some awesome stuff. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
  • Fences. They'll give us 3 wooden fences.
  • I'd like more houses in different colors. A yellow house, green house, light blue house, etc. I'd even be OK if they paid out the same as existing houses. I just want more variety in my town.... Oh, and I want Noiseland Arcade.
  • Well, the world will be ending on the 21st. So we don't have that much time. And I really wanted to earn Santa's Little Helper before the apocalypse hit.... So I need those Santa coins!
  • My Origin is gone too, but I can still play my town and visit friends' towns. I also saw a message on the Bart Can't Connect screen apologizing and indicating they were having problems and realized people were having trouble connecting to the game. First time I ever saw a message like that.

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