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  • Krustyland disappearing was one of my biggest fears when I heard about this event, but figured I was just overreacting since we didn't get any concrete information save for the name. I worked hard on my Krustyland and had it completely developed just like an amusement park. I completed it about 3 years ago, and liked the…
  • I'm not a huge fan of having themed sections so I tried to make my wild west area a tourist destination.
  • Here's mine. I am combining last year's stuff to create an undesirable/ seedy part of town. My biggest challenge is the scale, most of the new buildings are too big.
  • Here's mine. I'm still playing around with it though as it looks a little off.
  • @ephphoneapps Is one of the hidden details the book burning mobile parked at the writers building?
  • I tried to see if I could find anything, but I'm at a loss. It's not keeping the stonecutters in their robes is it?
  • I actually whistled out loud when reading this, and seeing how long it was. Very creative though with spot on dialogue!
  • Not trolling at all. You have nothing to apologize for, and this isn't serious enough to delete the thread. :-) I was more or less just saying that if players were able to craft anything then they had to grind to do it. This was a taxing event, and to finish it you (everyone) had to put in work.
  • Congrats for getting everything. However, I don't think it's fair to ask who obtained everything by grinding alone and excluding "fight club" members. IMHO fight club members played the hardest because they had to constantly play to clear bobs. I found out a few days before the patch, and got burned out trying to take…
  • Fruitbat Man can fight the prisoners that come with Burns jail
  • Thank you! If you have the donuts get the whale, if not don't sweat it. While it's nice to have variety in the water, it's bulky and can be hard to design around. By the way I love your tunnels/trains, and used them as inspiration for my own.
  • I just nuked and redesigned my town because my old town got boring. With my new design, I wanted there to be a sense of movement and have clearly organized spaces, as if it were a real city. The boardwalk has parking, shopping, and outside play areas for characters to enjoy the beach without being on the pier. My downtown…
  • I think it's a skin. One of my neighbors has it, and I've yet to see both U.B.O and Burns at the same time. U.B.O does have its own catch phrase though.
    in U.B.O Reply by moelleb October 2014
  • #2 out of 86 I was #1 until I added a new neighbor who bumped me down. Heads up to all my neighbors, expect lots of grem-aliens from me. (At least in the beginning) Think of it as my way of saying thanks for visiting me during **** when I slacked off...and I want to be #1 again 8)
  • I'm about 30-45 min from the epicenter in American Canyon (which is near Napa). There was definitely a lot of shaking, and a few decorations fell, but everything else was okay for me. I have family that lives about 10-15 min away from the center. They do have broken windows, but luckily no one was hurt.
  • Thanks ultimatechick, but some people are clearly on a witch hunt. :roll: Many people post pictures without putting up there totals because its not relevant to the post. The question was whether or not Homer had a new 2 hour job. My pics clearly indicate that he does; whether or not you believe that to be a hack or not is…
  • The OP was right. Any of my neighbors can go to my town and see Homer passed out on the Squidport.
  • Congrats. There may be some truth to that though. I was 8 days into looking for the Faberge egg when the game crashed on my tablet. ( A complete crash with the intro clip playing) I switched to my phone, and the first bunny I tapped gave me the egg. Luckily when I re-installed the game on my tablet I still had the egg.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
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