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  • I don't mind the mystery box even if I got until now almost only hedges, parking lots or wooden fences. Never got any donuts either. But one time I got something really nice. A lemon tree. I was so happy about it :mrgreen:
  • iPad and for the time when that isn't available then iPhone. Both devices are keeping me logged in. It works great for me.
  • I also don't like that floating dog head. I think when i will re-design everything one day then I will try to place the race track in a way that the floating dog head will be covered with something. I must find another building that I can place in front of it and that covers the ugly disturbing dog head. I am happy that…
  • Thanks. Yeah this is my plan too. I am just waiting until I have more land so that I can put the houses into nicer clusters with streets and greenery in between them. So that in the end all will look more sort of random perhaps like more residential complex area then a pure concentration camp of barracks. I hope that one…
  • Yes you're right. One doesn't HAVE to, but me personally I don't have a lot of patience and I hate to wait. So with some blue houses I was able to have a very solid reliable money generating source. And as you can see from my screenshot-panorama I have really tried to hide the houses because yes I agree with you... They…
  • For me I don't like how the farming houses look like but I think I need to have some of them so that I can generate quick money to buy new buildings that new quests are unlocking. I don't like it if people just having farming houses and nothing else. I myself have 3 rows of blue houses but I tried to incorporate them and…
  • ......, I think I found a solution. I inventory all stuff then put it out back again after waiting some time, now the quests started by showing Bart's the speech bubble. Phewwwww I am glad this headache is over :mrgreen: Thanks to all of you who have me those helpful ideas. :D
  • Yes the treehouse quests I have all done. I remember it now reading it from your link 1. Lisa & Milhouse go to school (6 hours each) (Bart Crusoe Pt. 1) 2. Build Bart's Treehouse (Bart Crusoe Pt. 2) 3. Bart skateboard (4 hours) (Bart Crusoe Pt. 3) I assume there must be a glitch with the treehouse as ecneralc has mentioned…
  • Hi Andrea Thanks for your help. Well I am not sure. Also I am not fully understanding it I fear. What exactly I need to do when I send Bart to skip school ? As I said I did it already and nothing has happened but if I understand you right you are saying I should wait until skinner prompts me while Bart is skipping school…
  • This I have not yet tried. EDIT: ok I have done this now. But now I have to wait anyway 3 hours because 5 hours ago I did send Bart again to skipping school and since this task takes 8 hours I will see if your trick works earliest in 3 hours from now. That's when Bart will be finished with the task. Hopefully this will…
  • No unfortunately it doesn't help. It only says things which I tried out already. But it doesn't work here. This is what that links says about Springfield Library Main Quests: 1. Bart skip school (8 hours) (Skipping Rocks) 2. Skinner prompts building of the Springfield Library (24 hours) (Sanctus Arx Nerdarium) And this is…
  • I have taken a look even read it all over again but it only says: Springfield Library Main Quests: 1. Bart skip school (8 hours) (Skipping Rocks) 2. Skinner prompts building of the Springfield Library (24 hours) (Sanctus Arx Nerdarium) And this is what I have done so far. I let Bart skipping school and it took 8 hours but…
  • I am on level 20 and it says to build the library I need to reach level 12.
  • Hey thanks you. Yes I still have to go quite a long way until I am done with this event. Currently I am close to the 10.000 snakes but for the last building I will need more so keep on dropping your eggs if you have spare ones for me ;)
  • I have already lots of friends but not yet reached the 100 limit so the more the better :-) So please feel free to add me... ID: mokkabee EDIT: ok now the 100 limit is reached. Sorry for all who I can not add anymore. :(
  • @Northstar107 OMG your Springfield is awesome awesome awesome !!!!!! I love your egg sign and your hedge maze. You are truly a hedgework master :) I have left you a bunch of eggs as in this screenshot :)
  • I added him. Btw... This is actually given me an idea. Why don't we make a list for all those who have small towns where one can find snakes easy? This would be very helpful/useful for people who don't like to search large towns. I personally would prefer to visit small towns where snakes are easy to find over large…
  • Just accepted your friend request and left 11 eggs in your Springfield for you :D
  • This is interesting. I can imagine why this rule is existing. Perhaps to prevent spammers to sign up and immediately spam with images that perhaps doesn't even belong in here. I think it's a good rule, on the other hand I can not post nicely embedded images for a long time because if I need 75 post it's still a long way to…
  • Thank you for this info.

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