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  • My guess is that if it's not used for crafting more track then it'll be similar to the Radioactive man statue from the Superhero event in that you can select which state you want the dump to be in, like you can select how the Radioactive man statue looks.
  • Anyone else getting frustrated trying to place the Krusty Station stairs because the sign points the wrong way? lol
  • Is it happening after you visit friends? Today and Yesterday after doing my daily friend visits, upon going back to my Springfield I've had my level up tasks complete even though I haven't done them and they haven't done automatically. Yesterday the classic mansion and modern mansions to level 5 both auto completed and…
  • I really wish you could choose between the 5 facades once you'd upgraded them fully. A bit like the Church or Christmas lights when clicking on the buildings you should be able to scroll through and decide which look you want.
  • Is it possible to move the tunnel at all? It's in the most annoying place for my current design and will require a major redesign if not :(
  • I didn't get a screenshot but it said "Complete Artie's Quests to regain Ziffcorp Office Building and his flagging confidence"
  • I have had the same issue. I entered a live chat with an advisor and eventually got transferred to a "specialist". I was told that Elixir could not be granted to my account so they gave me 100 donuts instead so I could buy a 4000 elixir on Wednesday when it was next available. My theory is the reason why some people are…
  • My town has areas where if I try to place buildings/decorations my game completely freezes. So I can no longer design my town and can't really place new buildings as every time I try to move older buildings to clear space another area of my town becomes unplayable with the freeze glitch. Having no new land for so long…
  • Yeah the land situation is ridiculous now. I have sections of my town where I've just crammed 3/4 buildings in a tiny space with no design. The Itchy and Scratchy Studio got dumped in the middle of my, now destroyed, river as there's nowhere else big enough to fit it. Isn't the point of the game to be able to DESIGN your…
  • These are my guesses for Free vs Premium in the update. Hope I'm wrong and there's more free stuff though! Stonecutters Lodge w/ No.1 - Free Stonecutter Alien - Premium Stonecutter skins - Homer - Free Lenny - Free Carl - Free Additional - Premium Stone of Shame - Free Stone of Triumph - Premium Stonecutters Tunnel -…
  • I have the same issue with several spots in my SF. I contacted EA Support and they told me that it was a known issue and they were working to fix it for everyone but those who report it will have theirs fixed quicker. I'm apparently in some queue to have mine fixed by a development team. However, I haven't heard anything…
  • I've only had one since the event started and it was blue but I'm also a blue egg player so it's not much use.
  • Nelson's is 16 hours. Crazy Cat Lady is 24 hours, she throws bunnies instead of cats :D
  • I had my first obvious wrong town "visitor" yesterday. I may have had more but this is the first one who did anything. Luckily they were just letting me know that someone had been in and left a bunch of blue dumpsters in a group in front of a building. No donuts were used and as far as I could see nothing sold. EA needs to…
  • I'd say they're both equal in worth and 5,000 FP is a fine amount. E.A.R.L is something completely unique whereas Stampy is another animal (and there's already been a balloon of it released). Also anything extra for the Squidport/Sea area even if it's just a decoration I think is great. I think eventually we may see a…
  • Nice. I just won 30 in my free mystery box :)
  • I just collected from a bunch of my neighbours and then returned to my Springfield where I left a graffiti clean up and was on 638 FP's so it is working towards the count just is showing the maxed out thing. Also the progress bar is moving upwards too underneath where it says max level instead of 0/5000 or whatever. It's…
  • Anyone else notice that on spAnsers site in Manjula and Sanjay's task lists they have the * Patrick's day event tasks. Train for Beer Bash and Enjoy Beer Bash. Makes me think at one point we were meant to get this level update last month.
  • I think they've done both character combinations the way round the have to try and make people buy donuts. Jimbo and Manjula are going to be the characters that the majority of people want more and so by making them premium people are more likely to buy donuts to get them than they would to get Sanjay or Dolph. I'd say…
  • I remember the last time a lot of people believed a Facebook rumour about content. Still waiting on that fire station... :D

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