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  • Please add my daughter. For some reason, the "Send Friend Invite" function keeps failing on her tablet. She's a daily player. Her Origin name is: ellknight Thanks!
  • I think a good one would be to display the "Your town didn't save" message every time you switch towns on the same device. Oh, wait.... ;)
  • This is a great idea. The other thing I've wished for is similar - a sign that you can customize the text for, that you could place in-town. Or even alphabet letters you could place on the ground, if the sign would be too hard to integrate into the current game. Anything but spelling out things in fences and/or shrubs. :D
  • :( Yep, so far just the one for me. But it is my Donut of Hope.
  • When I was posting, I was thinking to myself "I can't possibly be the first person to post a screenshot." Damn my poor Search-****! I'm like the Buzz Aldrin of posting donut screnshots. :D And, I agree - getting one from one of the Donut-related buildings would be awesome.
  • I read that the odds are 1-in-200, so you've been quite unlucky indeed if you have 100 friends. I finished out my friends list and the donut I screen-capped was the only one I got. Still, there is no sweeter donut than a free donut. Here's hoping your luck turns around! :)
  • SO COOL! spAnser continues to the The Man. EA should just hire him or license this tool because this is a feature we've been clamoring for for quite a while. Thanks for the tip, sandwedgeking!
  • A Very Kodos Christmas...
  • As a neighbor, I have to say that Morpurglar's SFs is one of my favorite to visit. It's one of maybe 10 that I tend to scan the whole thing, looking for new stuff and seeing what he/she is up to. Cool to see the whole thing in one image.
  • When I finally did my full re-design (like you, after getting all the land), I went with a natural city progression approach. I created two huge rivers - one flowing east-west and the other flowing north-south, intersecting in the north-east quadrant of my map. Then, I started from the river intersection and moved outward,…
  • Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I thought that was better than starting a redundant new one. I came across this in my neighbor TAPShooter's Springfield and thought it was so awesome that I had to share. Funny use of both the Oscar's Obstacles truck and the Plow King truck...
  • :shock: WOW! I have kinda been struggling to think up designs for KrustyLand, thinking the Devs shorted us on items, but it is clear that, with some imagination, there are myriad more possibilities than I had thought of. Congratulations on a truly spectacular KL! When I get off my * to work on mine, I am sure that I'll…
  • A++ for the spot-on Troy McClure "impression". Bravo!
  • The only one I really miss is Moe hunting for turkeys. The other ones that crack me up (Lisa petting the turkey, Homer with the Uranium rod, Ned showing his wrath) are still available from their costumes. I'll miss having a lovestruck Milhous pursuing Lisa after the current event ends.
  • On the original topic, I like the first idea (fence for tracks, no heart planters). I was thinking I would give more land to Sir Putt-A-Lot's and flesh it out with the train and some of those bunny bushes, maybe the bumper car and some of the Halloween stuff. For now, he creeps...
  • Fantastic news! Suddenly, the community prizes seem possible! I wish they had thought to add gift bags to "The Wheel". Earning gift cards to earn spin tokens to earn gift cards...
  • I also only have ClasuCo to get. I decided to blow 50 donuts on tokens. I got the money every time. I bought $10,000 for 50 donuts. Argh!
  • Nifty. I really like the effect of the stairs you put on the right of the Springfield sign. Those look pretty convincing, even in the close-ups.
  • Yep. I would have liked to have seen the original posts. I'm in re-design right now and was thinking about trying the 3D thing. I think I can figure it out by looking at examples, but the step-by-step would have been helpful to losers like me. :D
  • I have gotten donuts from both. I usually use Lisa because she is then easy to task to a nearby tree for reading while I visit friends. However, I had her running around doing the Thanksgiving tasks and switched to Homer. He, too, delivered, at about the same rate. Like level jamming, which I also do, this is a slow and…

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