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  • My piece appeared on October 6. It is also the two barrels design. It was found in the north-east section, but I cannot pinpoint the exact grid. I have gotten many, many donuts from it. When I am done for the day, all my characters are on long-term quests and all of my friends have been properly visited, then I sometimes…
  • My experiment with Channel 6 looks like it pays out your current any-other-building rate. I haven't gotten to tap corn yet and mine is not due for another 20 days. As you probably already know, Squidport tiles pay out a bunch of XP, based on the number that the town already has. I recently got over 800. It can go as low as…
  • . . . . which I see you already found, since your post is on the same page as mine. :D
  • This is a widespread issue. I am having it as well. Here is the thread to post your details to act as a data pool for EA troubleshooting: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9798233.page
  • This is a widespread issue. I am having it as well. Here is the thread to post your details to act as a data pool for EA troubleshooting: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9798233.page
  • When did the issue start? It did not exist when I logged in at 9:30 a.m. EDT It began when I logged in for the second time today, at around 9:00 p.m. EDT Did you update to the latest client? Yes. I allow the app to auto-update and it has also done the inline updates with no issue. What device are you on? I have tried on…
  • austinroy33 & TheFrinkLink - Did you have the "Infinite Possession" glitch during the Halloween Event? I did. I just logged in and my game had reverted back to exactly where it was, pre-Halloween event. Every Golden Scratcher I had bought during the event presented itself in one continuous block, one after another, when I…
  • That's why you get the cool badge, and also why I don't feel like I deserve the cool badge. :D
  • I saw it in his post and love the little possessed Todd, and your badge design in general. I sheepishly posted an old screenshot to the 50K thread, but didn't make good on it out of guilt. I knew matching my goo count to real players was entirely unfair. Hence, my tongue-in-cheek response for those "guilty innocents" among…
  • It's tough to say because I also bought $35 worth of Golden Scratchers over the course of the event. Which is more than I've ever bought in a month. I still can't fathom the phenomenon, and I sometimes wonder if I was part of an experiment.
  • Indeed I don't. If someone got over 100K without an infinite possession, they should definitely get something better than my crummy vacuum. :D I was well on my way to joining at least the 50K club. I was already at 20K when I glitched, without a ghost zapper or anything but friends and time. (Although, I must admit I…
  • :shock: Wow. That... wow. I am at 240,852 and likely won't hit the 250K mark. I didn't get hip to the vacuum tip until a week or so ago. 1.1 Million. When I consider the other side effect and the great things it has done for my town - Barney's, for example - I can only imagine what you've been able to do. Cheers and Holy…
  • Same, I've loved this event but I'm ready for Creepy Springfield to go away.
  • They are the most popular player in Tapped Out...
  • I've managed to do this *twice* since first reading about the multiple tile collect . . . feature. I'm finally back in business with a tile ready again. If I do it again, someone please shoot me.
  • That's a good theory. I was thinking he was glitched. Frequently, I get the notification and the camera tracks him down the street, gremlin-style. Makes him pretty easy to get. :D
  • I don't think EA needs to do something like this to impress investors with this app. There's only one number investors care about - the bottom line. And the bottom line on TSTO is very good indeed. That said, with the unique action of the tile, it would be odd to end up having something like this introduced as a new bug,…
  • The Aztec is good for calculating bonus as well. It's $200 normally, so you can even get the .5% figured out if it applies. If Aztec pays $219, you have a 9.5% bonus, for example. Also, many of the Squidport buildings pay off in even $100 increments. (Technically, any building over $100 can give you an accurate ballpark,…

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