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  • Daily player and have space for 4 neighbors ... moreeviv209
  • Since weeks no donuts bij visiting friends every day?????!!!!! :(
  • I have also problems since event ...many times when i start the game the screan shut down ...the only way is to delete the game en reinstalle via the store ... it takes time but it helps... i ask what the reason for all this ...my problem with android tablet or ea????????!!!!it is becomes stressy to start the game!!!!!
  • Same...have to reinstalle the game to play...the 3the since the event!!!
  • Happy birthday LPN....many thanks for all the works of information you always do!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I play the game with a assus tablet...android...and have before the same problem ... than i did the cache clear of the app of the simpsons ... since months i installe the app 'security' with defferents elements to use to clean my tablet...after done it i shut the tablet to restart ... i doe this always before play the…
  • Thanks to addict.. on level 160 and 195%bonus
  • IckabodShrek...thanks for your information.
  • I was looking for a strategy to play the fighting monsters to have more dan 2 fighters ... i think it is random...or not??!!...the most i have 2 fighters ... sometimes 3 and rarely 4!!! Even i have now crazy lady buth she give not films without play her in the fighting monsters...i thougt it was promessed when i bought…
  • I have the same problem twice since the event...i solved by delete the game via the app store and than reinstalle via the app store...you must start in the menu of your own games in the app store... it takes time but it helps! I wish you succes!!
  • On level158 and play everyday and visit neighbours ... moreeviv209
  • On level 158 ... play every day and visit neighbours ... thanks to addict me ...moreeviv209
  • On level 158 and play every day ...add me ...thanks ...moreeviv209
  • Right ...i did it from the appstore to delete and reinstalle the game...i was afraid to do it...buth i am learning...now i can play without loosing my progress Thanks for your help :p and sory for my english also learning with the game and the forum!
  • My problem is solved and can play now without problems even i have my progress...i follow the steps of th ea help... Technical support by difficults...rebooting...via appstore delete the game and reinstalle via appstore for android...take time to update...other information there for ios, kindle ect... i hope that you have…
  • Thaks for information ... no changing after touching the screen ect...i hope that EA now the problems and they solved asap!!??? I get sign that neighbours are visiting my town even sign of the playable characters?! :s
  • Since yesterday i have also problems to have connection...update 499/499(659.2/659.2MB) the screen is blocked...before this update the screen shut down after seconds. In the beginning after the first update i could play in th morning and afternoon..evening anymore???!!! Any information would be helpfull...reinstallation is…
  • I have the same since Yesterday and also this morning after update...uninstalling does not help!! Yesterday morning i could play without problems ... now unplayable!!!
  • Since Yesterday the same ... this morning try again ... screen loading update 499/499(659.2/659.2MB)...after seconds the screen closed...no connection with game ... even cache clear ect...????!!!very frustrating after starting the game yesterday mornig without problems!! Whats going on??!!! Thanks for any help of…
  • I play 2 hours before and now i can not play anymore...i saw the screen of TSTO loading and after seconds the game shut down????!!
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