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  • Daily player, level 39, plenty of stuff to tap. Need a few people to top off my friend list. Add me! mr_monch
  • That is correct. I just reached this point a couple days ago... only about twelve hours to go for maximum tile experience!
  • Basically, just save the handshakes you want as a safety net and then collect the rest. Some people just want to show off and see if there is a limit to how many shakes they can stack.
  • Maybe it should just be some additional "arcade-style" content titled "the war with Shelbyville" or something along those with mini-games featuring pranks, thievery, and other antics. Prizes should result in cash, donuts, KL tickets, or possibly even buildings and decorations. Sorry, didn't see my option listed so I didn't…
  • Tap it two or three times (depending on how many shakes you want to leave. Some are fine with one, but others want the insurance that a mistap won't get rid of that last handshake). Make sure you wait for the tile and XP to collect on their own between taps, or else you might accidentally tap the next handshake. Then you…
  • I would never finish that task if that were the case because it would likely crash my game... mayhaps EA thought ahead on that one.
  • I've also noticed it might not work if Homer has a quest in the task-book queue.
  • I'd like it kept separate, although it would be great if I could just skip between friends directly from the Krustyland screen(similar to tapping the left/right in friends' Springfields). It makes harvesting tickets from friends who don't have any good tappables time-consuming.
  • That sounds like Gil the salesman! I've noticed he's appeared in some other peoples' towns, but I have yet to see him myself.
  • For that, do you have to log out of your origin account, or will closing the app count to increase the stacking cap? Also, does this cap reset each time you start on a task for that building, or does it carry over from task to task? I tried to search the forum for this info, but I might have missed it. After the big…
  • It helps a lot if none of your friends seem to tap it. That's actually how I found out I couldn't stack more than two handshakes.
  • In a tapping frenzy I accidentally tapped my CH. 6 and Squidport D: so we'll see if I can stack more than two shakes this time around
  • It doesn't seem to make a difference. I still only get two regardless of the number of people who tap. I had read that it happens, but I have not seen a work-around for getting more. The first tile I had accumulated more, but I clicked it and now I only get two. I was hoping somebody found a fix other than just wringing it…
  • So is there any reason why the stacks of handshakes might max out at a certain number? It always seems like there's only two at the most on my stackables.
  • That would explain why I never noticed it before... I only started playing a couple days before The X-mas event.
  • Mayhaps it's a new questline in the works... that being said, not cool Frink. Stop killing my Obedience rating >:(
  • I see a bunch of kids chanting "One of us, one of us" in an overly creepy manner. Only 80-some days before gangs of demonic children start terrorizing my Springfield apparently. Oh, and feel free to add me if you want to witness the carnage, lest some teenagers manage to purge them... mr_monch
  • feel free to add me! I look for the stage, squidport, farm, and ch.6 before I tap anything else... mr_monch
  • Add me! Daily player, please tap my stackables (squidport, channel 6, farm, etc.) and l'll be sure to do the same for you! mr_monch
  • I recently had a number of issues with my game crashing on startup... the cause? I thought it would be a neat idea to move my present depot over to SP to make more room for other stuff. It turns out all of the present animations combined with the water animations would overload the game. I had to wait for Sideshow Bob to…
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