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  • I'm not going to be able to get it either since I've got just under 2000 to go. I play numerous times a day (no less than four), send the kids trick or treating twice a day and I've even gotten guns five times via UFO so I just don't understand how I ended up this far behind. Think I'm just going to admit defeat for the…
  • Only reached the last gold bag yesterday so there's no way that I'm going to reach the copter in time.
  • 30 donuts - No Mutant **** - Yes Donut Torture device - Yes Hugo - Yes Spooky House - Yes Bulldozersaurus - Yes Hover-Copter - No, and don't think I be able to make the target Grand Pumpkin - No, just need 70 chocolate bars and 50 pumpkins Pumpkin House - No Weapon level - 12 Rigellian Bushes - 1 from treat bags Spooky…
  • My Hubby is seriously behind and hasn't got to the alien squishing stage yet, so instead he's just got normal neighbour actions for the time being. So my guess is your neighbour is the same.
  • I got Hugo the other day, and am about 3/4 the way towards the grand pumpkin (mostly need jack o'lanterns). I've got just over 150 probes to get in order to unlock the doughnut torture machine so should just be able to get it in time.
  • I'm at level 7, but need just one more nail for level 8 :) For me I'm getting none at all for what seems like for ages, then all of a sudden I get about 5 in a row.
  • I've got about 5200 probes I think, can't remember for sure but I know I'm close to the final trick or treat bag before aiming for the doughnut torture machine. I'm also 2/3 the way towards Hugo, and about 1/2 towards the pumpkin. Completely loving this event so far, lost count of how many doughnuts I've got through the…
  • I've gotten doughnuts from both probe and non probe visits (with maxed out FP). Getting 1 to 2 a day at the moment and I've got just over 50 neighbours.
  • I only got Mr. Teeny 3 days ago and have gotten 3 doughnuts since then. The first even appeared the very neighbour after I unlocked him.
  • Was a nice surprise to get the doughnuts a few moments ago :D
  • First neighbour was my Hubby. Don't remember who exactly was my next neighbour was as I had about half a dozen friend requests (only two of whom I still have). First doughnut spend was on Otto last month (wish I had waited now!). First event was the tail end of Thanksgiving '13, first full event was Christmas. Never spent…
  • I maxed out FPs 3 weeks ago. Since then I've had all of 3 doughnuts through visits. All of 1 per week.
  • 33 over here, and Hubby will be the same all of tomorrow. Nice to be in the average age bracket, though I'm not all that surprised considering how old Simpsons actually is. I still remember seeing adverts promoting the very first episode and begging my parents to allow me to watch it during Sunday dinner :lol:
  • I started to get neighbour visit notifications too out of the blue 2 days ago. All my settings are still set to no notifications which is weird. I'm just glad that I'm not getting notification sounds, as those drove me crazy.
  • Been playing since November and have won at least 3 times. Last time was 2 weeks ago. My Hubby on the other hand has been playing since Christmas and has won 4 times.
  • Absolutely love these. Thank you for sharing :D
  • I'm definitely a fan of the new update. I think it's a shame that so many are against it, but I guess even if it hadn't been a KL update there still would have been a lot of hate going by the last couple of updates.
  • Wish I hadn't sent everyone on quests first thing this morning right before the update. Absolutely love that there's been a Krustyland update. Started redesigning mine a few days ago so this is excellent timing.
  • I finally maxed out FP a few days ago but I haven't got a single donut from my rounds yet :(
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