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  • Sure, except that I agree with you....what I'm saying is, there should be some system implemented to serve the purpose of the pins, so that we don't have to use the limited items as the rewards. Maybe like an item that evolves the longer you play, kind of like how the Krustyland shuttle changes.
  • You're telling me you haven't put up with some crap playing this game? We must be playing a different game then:wink:
  • I think everyone is getting a little hot under the collar over this debate. The main point is that players SHOULD get something to commemorate the length of time dedicated to playing the game, like something created specifically for this purpose. Kind of like how at some jobs people get a pin or trophy that says "1 year,"…
  • Is the retention rate of those 7 million known? Because I bet only a fraction is still active...at least in real life I know more people who left the game since that event than stayed. That's where the special-ness comes from. Besides the fact that your town is like your baby...you should ALWAYS think it's special!
  • Yeah seriously....it seemed like in every other thread/post someone would beg for the CBH to be available at a yard sale...and here it is. No one should be surprised at the cost, in fact I thought it would've been at least 200d.
  • Yes mine are smaller too.
  • The update got downloaded, but nothing in my game changed...no Gil, no nuke button... :(
    in No Gil Reply by mspralja June 2014
  • I want to buy it, but Gil didn't show up... Gil, come to my town and take my donuts!!
  • I agree, I viewed the joke as a jab at the South's past, not current day Southerners.
  • It might be like whacking day where (some?) prizes stay as permanent premium purchases, so if you don't finish you may be able to buy them.
  • I agree, it's very time consuming having to log in multiple times per day when I usually only have time to play once a day. I felt the same about whacking day, and never finished that event. I want to finish this one but it takes time to curate a good list of friends...many times I'll add someone who promises to visit…
  • Wow, it feels like Christmas around here 8)
    in Update Reply by mspralja June 2014
  • You can either reciprocate their action (only tap their lodge/skip over them if the lodge isn't available), or delete them. You can find some great neighbors in the 'add me' thread who will reliably give you three taps daily and help advance your game. But be warned, there are some duds there as well so it might take some…
  • I got you beat, I missed yesterday's deadline by less than a minute :(
  • Nah, we don't need this building. It would lose its comedic charm without it being set against a blue background. I like the buildings offered in the event, and most people don't have much space in their towns for (another) gag building. Re: Stonecutter skin tasks should earn emblems...considering how many stonecutters…
  • Yeah I got tired of people just tapping my lodge and never returning for the other 2 taps, while I give them 3 taps daily regardless of their lodge being free or not. But instead of deleting them, I just skip over their town. They might delete me and I wouldn't care, but they probably won't because my lodge is usually free…
  • Marty and Bill with the KBBL building Malloy the cat burglar Johnny Tightlips Pepi Sophie, Krusty's kid Rabbi Krustofski Cecil Mrs. Bouvier Leonard Nimoy And I second these that were already mentioned: Artie Ziff, Larry Burns, Herb, Jacques, Lurleen, Frank Grimes (prob will be a ghost for Halloween), and Mrs. Glick
  • I guess I see those people as being "proud" and obnoxious about it, more than "superior". But either way, like you said those few are pathetic and I would never let someone that pathetic affect how I feel about my game. Bottom line, if there weren't limited time items I would play the game FAR less and find it less…
  • Eh, I kind of disagree with this. If everyone had all the same items, it would be really boring. I like not having all the items because it's fun to see them in my neighbors' towns. And having limited time items is just a benchmark of time, showing when someone started playing, which events they played, etc. I don't think…
  • It would make more sense if the pass out task came with the Chester questline. You know, donate blood, then pass out? Is everyone with this new task also doing/did the Chester questline?
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